Meredith Szturm – Editor/Founder

Meredith is a freelance photographer and writer from Cincinnati, Ohio. She has previously had work featured in multiple publications including Kerrang!, Alternative Addiction, and Dying Scene.  But mostly she is a sucker for pop punk, Charles Bukowski, and weekend road trips to see the bands she loves. Live music has changed her life, and capturing the feeling of it in her work is her goal.


Ellen Phillips – Editor/Head of YouTube Content

Ellen is a twenty-two year old event planning graduate from Winnipeg, Manitoba.  She has a background in music management, marketing, and promotion.  When she was younger, she spent her free time volunteering at local recording studios.  She has spent the majority of the past few years traveling around Canada and the US seeing her favourite bands.  Music has always been the most important thing in her life and her biggest passion.


Maureen Szturm – Contributor

Maureen is a 20 year old from Cincinnati, Ohio.  When she’s not working her day job at a hardware store, she’s finding new music to enjoy or traveling to see her favorite bands.  Live music has recently become a big part of her life, helping her meet new people and find new music.  She’s always yearning to discover new artists of all genres and expand her knowledge of the music scene and industry overall.


Amanda Stoddard – Contributor

Amanda is twenty years old and attends the University of Cincinnati as a pre-communications major.  She is the co-founder of the weekly open mic poetry group Uncensored Society, and she loves poetry, music, and making people feel happy.


JoHanna Eagle – Contributor

JoHanna is a 19-year-old photographer from St. Joseph, Michigan.  She is an avid concert goer and enjoys music of all kinds.  While she’s not at concerts, she is a manager at Culver’s and photographs for family and friends.


Jordan Nielson – Contributor

Jordan’s day job is the paint department manager at a local hardware store in Cincinnati, Ohio, but he has a ridiculous knowledge of all things music and that is definitely his biggest passion.  He is always up to date on what’s going on with his favorite bands and he enjoys seeing them live whenever he can.









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