MOS Warped Weekend: Bad Omens


Photos and review by Meredith Szturm.

The first time I saw Bad Omens play was at Emerson Theater in Indiana when they were support on the Sumerian Records 10 Year Tour, and I’d never heard them before. I didn’t know what to expect, but I was immediately captivated by their unique hard rock sound, that stood out from a lot of the other bands on the bill. Their performance was dark and powerful. The second time was in Cleveland at the Agora Ballroom when I had the chance to spend time taking pictures of them before the show and to see what they did to get ready for a performance. Again, they blew it out of the water. The entire audience sang along with Noah throughout their five song set and they closed it out with Glass Houses, a real crowd pleaser. Seeing them at Vans Warped Tour in Cincinnati this month was lucky number three. The band played on the Full Sail stage and drew a pretty good crowd. Despite the heat, they moved around the stage with energy, and Nick Folio’s drumming particularly stood out. It’s been cool to see the band grow and get to where they are now. Going from opening a seven band show to being on Warped Tour in less than two years is a pretty big accomplishment and Bad Omens definitely deserves it. If you’re going to a remaining Warped Tour date, they’re definitely worth checking out.


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