MOS Show Review & Gallery: The Story So Far


IMG_5219MOS contributor Anyssa Lira spent two nights in a row at Bottom Lounge in Chicago last week shooting The Story So Far’s sold out shows, with Turnstile and Drug Church opening. You can check out Anyssa’s thoughts on the shows as well as a full gallery of photos below!

A couple weeks ago, I got the opportunity to shoot both nights of The Story So Far’s headliner with Turnstile and Drug Church at Bottom Lounge. With both nights sold out, the anticipation for these two shows had built up so much.

Night one had a killer crowd; however, night two definitely was the icing on the cake. With the endless amount of crowd surfers, even during openers, to the reckless mosh pits, fans made sure they had the night of their lives.

Each night began with hardcore punk band Drug Church to get the crowd going. Vocalist Patrick Kindlon’s ecstatic energy definitely encouraged the crowd to get moving! He not only encouraged the concert goers to be as reckless as possible during their set, but also set the standard that you don’t have to be extremely violent to have fun and enjoy the show.

After the crowd got all hyped up from Drug Church, we got to see Turnstile, a hardcore punk band from Maryland. Turnstile really know how to get the crowd turnt up, with the endless amount of energy from each of their band members. Not much conversation happened between the vocalist and the crowd, but that seemed to be totally fine with the concert goers- they all seemed to have a blast during each song they performed. In other words, there was never a dull moment during Turnstile’s set.

After almost two years since their last show in Chicago, fans finally got to see The Story So Far perform their greatest hits such as “High Regard”, “Nerve”, “Things I Can’t Change”, and tons more! The crowd was filled with cheering and tons of
singing. You could tell that these two shows were long overdue for the Californian band, and I look forward to seeing them again at Riot Fest!

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