MOS List: 5 Bands Jordan Says You Need In Your Life Right Now


Obey The Brave, Photo by Charlie Baron
Article by Jordan Nielson

If you’re like me you’re always looking for the the newest group or even the newest single from a favorite band. But its a pain to always keep track of everything, and to go through hundreds of bands till you find that one group that stands out to you. So it got me thinking that maybe I should share some of my favorite groups and maybe you’ll have a new group to add to your list without all the searching. I’ll even leave a song by each band underneath my descriptions.

1) Obey The Brave

OTB have been around for some time now and are on their way to putting out their 3rd LP titled “Mad Season” (due out June 2nd). In case you aren’t aware, OTB is a metalcore band from the north (Canada to be exact). Every song is full of heavy hitting breakdowns and catchy lyrics. Speaking of lyrics, every song they write has this upbeat positive kinda feel to it. Most of the songs have a positive message, whether it’s pushing on to the next level or raising your voice, this group can always give you some motivation for the day.

2) In Hearts Wake

If you haven’t already at least heard the name In Heats Wake then your seriously missing out on a lot in the world. IHW have been huge in Australia and now are making a big impact in America. Just recently we got a brand new single from the group called “Warcry” and it’s a great single. The group have always been supporters of saving earth and spreading their message and “Warcry” builds on that.

3) Napoleon

If you live in the UK and are a fan of metal then their is no doubt that the band Napoleon is a name you already know. But for the rest of the world, you may not know and let me tell you now, you need to. Hailing from the UK, this groove/melodic hardcore band is making waves. They just released their debut album “Newborn Mind” last year, and in my personal opinion it’s solid. I challenge you to jam this album and try not to repeat the songs “Afterlife” and “Brought Here To Suffer” at least 3 times. Go ahead I’ll wait.

4) Dreamshade

Melodic metal/rock group Dreamshade are getting bigger and bigger everyday, having just released their 3rd LP titled “Vibrant” via Artery Recordings. These guys are ready to take on the world. What’s neat is each album is great and always has a new feel than the last one. “Photographs” off the album “The Gift Of Life” is definitely one of the most melodic songs to get into, while “Dreamers” off of “Vibrant” is hard just not to get fully into and blast as loud as possible. Or even the song “It’s Over” also from “Vibrant” just hits close to home and is smooth and hits the emotions on the nail.

5) Our Hollow Our Home

OHOH will be on your radar after you hear one song by this band. This is hands down some of the best metalcore I have ever heard to this day. Since the first song I heard (“Rest Assured”) to the EP “Redefine” to the full length “Hartsick” this band has always and will always have my attention at all times. If you’re in the market for something that is fast, heavy, and melodic, then look no further then OHOH.

Hopefully this helps open you up to some new music and helps you find a new sound to get into. Look forward to new articles posted all the time from all of us and as always, see you in the pit.

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