Louis Tomlinson’s Emotional Solo Debut


Former member of One Direction, Louis Tomlinson made his solo debut Saturday night on the UK version of The X-Factor. Tomlinson’s new track is titled Just Hold On and is featuring Steve Aoki. Just Hold on is a very upbeat dance song with a very deep meaning, written for his mother, Johanna Deakin who passed away early Wednesday morning after battling Leukemia for months.

Louis is very strong for getting on stage and performing just days after his mother passed. You can see him fighting tears both while singing and after it was over. He did such a wonderful job and was full of energy. Being a giant softy and a One Direction fan, I was also holding back tears while watching it. I for one am very excited to hear any other songs coming from the singer in the (hopefully) near future. At the end of the performance, Simon Cowell had a kind message to share with Louis. Cowell let Tomlinson that he respects him as both a person and an artist and that he knew Johanna would have been very proud of him as well.

Former band mates, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and Harry Styles were all in attendance for the performance to show support to their friend and his family.

Watch the heartfelt performance below

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