Manifesto Artist To Watch: A Change Of Plans

img_0484-3photos and article by Meredith Szturm 

A Change Of Plans began in 2008 in Galloway, New Jersey. The band was originally a four-piece pop punk outfit, made up of a group of friends that loved to play music. They released a five-track EP called “A Long Time Coming” in 2013 and steadily gained a following on social media. Changes in each of the band members’ lives that just come with growing up resulted in some line-up changes as well and eventually A Change Of Plans evolved into the solo project that it is today. Dylan Caccamesi is ACOP, and he’s been working hard to produce a new set of songs for his fans to listen to.

With over 17,000 Twitter followers and high expectations because of the snippets he posts on his personal and band accounts, he’s been under a lot of pressure. A perfectionist when it comes to music, he’s spent long hours in the studio, fine tuning everything until he feels like it’s completely perfect for the album he’ll be releasing soon. October 9th, he held an intimate show in his hometown of Galloway to preview the upcoming album for his friends and family. The album is called “Habits.”

A little over 100 people gathered in the backyard of a friend. Dylan’s one of those charismatic people that everyone is drawn to, and he did his best to greet everyone that night; making the rounds, laughing and talking with a huge smile on his face. It was starting to get dark and chilly and there was a fire and hot chocolate and twinkle lights hung up on the awning of the pool house. Dylan made his way to a stage they’d built earlier that day that jutted out over the pool and everyone got quiet before he started to play. He thanked everyone for coming and then it was time for the music.

If you think Dylan’s smooth when he talks, you should hear his music. The lyrics and the rhythms are so clever. He doesn’t rely on old, overused metaphors to hold up his songs. Everything that he creates is fresh and creative. You need to listen to each track a few times to catch all of the smart wordplay and comparisons he uses. And the emotion and personality that goes into his music is something special. Being up on a stage alone in front of all the people closest to you must be terrifying, but he moved through each song without seeming guarded or scared at all. He laid it all out there, and you could tell each song meant something to him. If there were any quiet moments during the show he filled it in with something that made all of us laugh.

He also used a loop pedal for a few of the songs, and I really have to compliment how good it turned out because at one point he had two or three parts layered over each other to back him up and the effect was perfect. If you know Dylan, you know that he’s obsessed with the song “Work” by Rihanna, featuring Drake. Well, we all knew he had a special cover planned for the show and in hindsight we should’ve guessed that would be it, but we were taken by surprise when he started to play The Chainsmoker’s hit “Closer,” and blended it into “Work.” His acoustic cover definitely did the song justice, but when he put down his guitar and started banging on his loop pedal and performing his own rap instead of Drake’s we all went crazy. This and about a million other moments during his performance prove that Dylan is a versatile artist who always has surprises up his sleeve.

I think everyone that was there that night left with a huge sense of pride and excitement for our friend that we care so much about. Personally, I can’t wait to see the reaction to “Habits” and to see Dylan grow and get even bigger. He works harder than almost anyone I know because he loves what he does and has a passion for life that you don’t see very often. He deserves all the success that comes his way. There isn’t a concrete release date for “Habits” yet, but you can listen to A Change Of Plans first EP in the meantime, and check out our photo gallery from the show below. You can also buy A Change of Plans’ music right here.

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