MOS Interview: Detour North !

Kaitlyn Johnson Photography

Kaitlyn Johnson Photography

Detour North is an awesome pop-punk band from Chicago, Illinois consisting of four members; Emmanuel (guitar/vocals), Anthony (Bass), Kem (lead guitarist), Danny (drums). I got to sit down with these dudes after their show, at Lansing’s local skate shop Royals! I asked them in-depth questions about their music, influences, what they have planned for the future, and so much more! This interview was tons of fun, and really informative. So check it out below and find out more about the super talented Detour North!

Before I go into detail about this interview, I suggest checking out Detour North, if you haven’t already, because they’re honestly GREAT.


(This is my favorite song of their’s, so far)


The interview was originally a video interview, but because of technical difficulties (that took me months to try to work through) I decided to strip the audio and make it podcast-like instead! (I will keep trying to upload the video until I can post it, I am determined)

I first saw this band when they played at ‘Hope For The Day Fest‘ and I fell I love with their sound. I chatted with Emmanuel after their set and suggested a song title for their new track (it was really dumb, so I’m not gonna say what it was). But during their performance I got so excited about the way this band made me feel. Their very pop-punk prominent vibe had me feeling utter nostalgia. Needless to say, I went home and immersed myself in their music. So naturally when my friends told me they were going to see them in concert again, I had to tag along and ask for an interview (and redeem myself from the shitty song title with an actual good one).

I sat down with the guys from Detour North after their show at Royals, which honestly blew me away, again. It was the second time I saw these guys play, and they were just as fantastic as that feeling I got when I first saw them. So during this show at Royals, I screamed along to the lyrics and jumped up and down to the rhythms of Detour North. It was such a fun time.

During this interview, I asked them a range of different questions. I asked them about how they became a band, how they go about writing their lyrics, what they have in store for us in the future and much much more. This interview went on for 25 minutes, because I always have too many questions for bands I admire.  I also redeemed myself from the last song suggestion with this new one “FDA Approved Insanity”, fingers crossed they use it.  So check the interview out below, ignore my awkwardness and seriously listen to the whole thing because these guys are awesome, as a whole and individually.




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