MOS Artist to Watch: Brent Faiyaz

a-m-_paradox_front_cover_cfn3rh Brent Faiyaz is a 21 year old, singer-songwriter currently residing in Los Angeles, California. He just recently dropped his EP A.M Paradox, on September 20th, 2016. Check it out on his soundcloud, you can also stream the EP and other singles from the artist on Spotify! His voice is truly incredible, sounding like a mix between Miguel, Frank Ocean sprinkled with a PND vibe. His melodic tone and airy production really adds to the allure of his music. He is also involved in a group called Sonder which is excellent as well. Check out the full EP, find out more about Brent and read my rant about how talented he is below! 

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Listen to his new EP A.M Paradox below

I stumbled upon this EP while listening to my Spotify discover weekly, and let me just say I’m so glad I did. I’ve been consistently listening to this album for the past couple of weeks, and I rarely listen to one album too much (because I just get sick of it). But honestly, I haven’t gotten sick of this EP at all, and I’m really not sure I will. The past few days I’ve played this in my car and my passengers (friends) will be like “Hey, who is this? He’s dope”.

Regardless of what genre of music you’re into, this dude will definitely be appealing to your ears. His smooth tone, and well-structured production quality really aids in making this EP truly incredible. Watch out for what this dude has in store because I have a feeling whatever it may be, is gonna be good.

Insecure is my favorite track because it speaks to me the most lyrically, with lines like “I got scars, from my life before you”. The airy tone of this song really gives it that feel good vibe. The notes accompanied by a soft echo of harmonies in the background really adds a good sense of depth to this track. He stays consistent throughout the song whilst still maintaining a sense of diversity. He keeps you infatuated line by line, and tone by tone. (you can also find a different version of this track on Stwo‘s EP, D.T.S.N.T)

A lot Brent’s tracks have a similar feel and I love that aspect about this tape. It’s different from a lot of other music I’ve heard, but consistent throughout. Sidenote: Usually I hate when skits are incorporated into albums or EPs, but he sprinkles them in effectively.

So listen to this EP, bump it with your friends, and promote this artist as much as you can because talent deserves to be heard.


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