MOS Show Review and Gallery: Pierce the Veil, Neck Deep, and I Prevail.


photos by Maureen Szturm, review by Meredith Szturm

As a birthday present, my sister (and fellow contributor) Maureen got us tickets to the Made To Destroy Tour, with Pierce the Veil, Neck Deep, and I Prevail on the bill. Those three bands are three of my favorites, and I’d only ever seen a short Pierce the Veil set at Warped Tour last year so I was anticipating this show since I heard it was happening. You can read my review of the show and check out some sweet pictures that Maureen took below.

The line stretching around the block to get into Newport Music Hall was longer than I’d ever seen it at that venue. I couldn’t imagine how everyone was going to fit into the building but somehow we all did. Because of the line, we missed the first two songs of I Prevail’s set, but walked in just in time to hear their (hugely popular) cover of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space.” Everyone in the crowd was singing along to that one, and I was happy that the first thing I saw when I scanned the stage was drummer Lee Runestad on a platform. Runestad drums with so much energy, standing up and waving his sticks in the air to rile the crowd up and letting his hair fly around when he pounds out the crazy parts on the skins. Being able to actually see him play because of the platform was a really cool experience. After “Blank Space” the band played two songs from their upcoming debut full-length Lifelines. I had heard “Stuck In Your Head” before and it’s along the same vein as I Prevail’s previous material, but I hadn’t heard “Already Dead” yet and it was quickly apparent that this is I Prevail’s heaviest song yet. Brutal, angry lyrics combined with powerful driving music and plenty of unclean vocals made this one crazy. The energy of the crowd after this one was high and the last song “Love, Lust, and Liars” only brought it up even more. Unclean vocalist Eric Vanlerberghe directed the crowed into formation to start a wall of death right before the breakdown and it was insane. The first band that plays is supposed to warm the crowd up and I Prevail set the crowd on fire.

Neck Deep was next to take the stage and started their set with arguably their most popular song “Gold Steps.” There’s always something about singing the chorus with a huge crowd of other people that makes me feel better about life. They played through a lot of their best songs and when the audio from Indiana Jones began while the lights were out and one red light shown on stage I knew they were going to go into “Kali Ma” and I grabbed my sister’s arm and shook it because that’s my all time favorite Neck Deep song. As soon as it started the crowd was jumping up and down like crazy and vocalist Ben Barlow held the mic out to the crowd and grinned with glee as everyone shouted “DOUBT IT!” which is one of the most stand out lines of the song. “Serpents” was the next song and it was my sister’s turn to punch me in the arm. She has a tattoo on her leg inspired by the song and she lives for the breakdown at the end when Ben vigorously head bangs and jumps around the stage. They slowed it down after “Serpents” with an older song of theirs,
“A Part of Me.” It’s a pretty, sentimental, angsty acoustic song with a round between Ben and guest vocalist Laura Whiteside after the second verse. The audience sang Laura’s part and the effect was beautiful. “Rock Bottom” was next and then the fast, “Mark Hoppus version” of “December.” Neck Deep ended their set with “Can’t Kick Up The Roots,” a classic pop punk anthem that celebrates their love/hate relationship with their hometown. My favorite lyrics in this one are also the lyrics that everyone sang along to the loudest. We all knew it was the last song and it was bittersweet, but the positive, happy energy in the room was infectious as we all sang, “We know what it’s like to be put down, so fuck you to the world and stand your ground. We know how to turn it inside out and get a little bit rowdy.”

After Neck Deep left the stage a huge white curtain dropped to cover the stage and a projector in the back shined onto it with the words “Pierce the Veil,” and I could feel the anticipation in the room. I was so excited because I’ve heard about how well done PTV’s live shows are and I knew I didn’t get the full experience at Warped Tour. I stood around and talked to my friend’s for a bit until the lights dimmed and it was finally time. A first-person-video-game-like illustration that resembled the album art for “Misadventures” started on the screen and at the end, the spaceship in the animation landed in Columbus, Ohio which made me smile because that meant they change the end of it for each venue and taking the time to do that is something to be admired. After the crash landing, the white curtain dropped and vocalist Vic Fuentes, bassist Jaime Preciado, guitarist Tony Perry, and drummer Mike Fuentes were already in position and went straight into playing “Dive In,” a single from their new release “Misadventures.” The light show, smoke, and confetti during the song only enhanced the performance from the band and the cheering in the venue was almost deafening. “Caraphernelia” was next and I Prevail’s Eric Vanlerberghe returned to the stage to do the unclean vocals during the chorus. They were originally performed on the album by Jeremy McKinnon of A Day To Remember, and it was neat that Eric filled in on those parts. Collaborations always make things more interesting. PTV performed a ton of songs from their new album, including “Texas Is Forever,” and “The Divine Zero.” “Texas Is Forever” is the fastest song they’ve written to date and they played it seamlessly. This one really shows how talented PTV are as musicians. I was mesmerized watching Tony’s fingers dance over the guitar strings at the craziest speed I’ve ever seen. They’re such a technical band and they’re so creative with the dynamic, varying parts in their songs. They deserve more recognition for their raw musical ability. Vic introduced “The Divine Zero” with a speech about doing what you dream of doing now and not thinking it’ll never happen or just waiting for it to happen. I really like when bands take the time to get personal and speak encouraging words to their audience. Bands that understand how much their music means to people and helps people are really special.

“Bulletproof Love” was next and Vic brought a young fan up on stage and sung the first verse to her, which was pretty sweet. After that they played my personal favorite from their new album, “Floral and Fading.” Vic’s vocals on this one are a lot different from some of their other material and I really like how the song manages to sound new and have that trademark Pierce the Veil sound at the same time. After “Floral and Fading,” the band brought out acoustic guitars and Mike had a bongo and Vic had a tambourine so I wondered if maybe….possibly….they’d play “Kissing In Cars.” But I highly doubted it. And then Vic started introducing the song. He told the story of how they’d written it in 2008 for their friend’s wedding dance. And then I knew it had to be “Kissing In Cars.” It was so beautiful and sweet and the lighting during this one was gorgeous. It reminded me of fireflies. It was a really intimate moment with the band. And I had to laugh because someone still managed to crowd surf during this song. The last five songs were all hits from the band’s 2012 release “Collide With The Sky.” During “Bulls In The Bronx,” Vic played his Latin-inspired solo while Jaime giggled and danced around on his platform and Vic did some goofy moves with his guitar. The smoke and confetti and theatrics from the band (not just in their crazy dance moves, but the way the lift their guitars, pretend that they’re machine guns, make silly faces, and just generally laugh a lot) add so much to the show and make it even more enjoyable than it would be if it was just the music. “Hold On Till May” was the last song before the encore and Vic introduced it in just a few words, saying, “This song is about a girl who climbs trees.” Everyone instantly knew which song it was. This one always makes me emotional and the purple and pink lights during the live performance just intensified that. When the lights went down and the band left the stage everyone started chanting, “PIERCE THE VEIL!”

Of course they came back out and performed their newer single, “Circles,” which is about the shootings at the Eagles of Death Metal concert in Paris, France late last year. After that, the band finished out the show with their massive hit, “King For A Day,” and everyone went insane. I was in the balcony at this point and it was so much fun to watch the pit from above. Tons of kids swirling and shoving and spinning in the middle of the floor was amazing. The concert ended with confetti, streamers, and smoke and we all left happier than we’d been when we came in. Those tickets were undoubtedly one of the best birthday presents I’ve ever gotten and I’m so happy that I finally got the full Pierce the Veil concert experience.

Check out Maureen’s pictures from the show, as well as remaining show dates below, and catch one if they’re playing near you!



w/Neck Deep, I Prevail

Sep 23 House of Blues New Orleans, LA VIP
Sep 24 Texas Mutiny Dallas, TX
Sep 25 Open Air Houston, TX
Sep 27 Arvest Bank Theatre at The Midland Kansas City, MO
Sep 28 War Memorial Auditorium Nashville, TN
Sep 30 Chill on the Hill Festival Sterling Heights, MI
Oct 01 LOUDER THAN LIFE Louisville, KY
Oct 02 Sonic Boom Janesville, WI
Oct 04 Hammerstein Ballroom New York, NY
Oct 05 Fillmore Charlotte Charlotte, NC
Oct 07 Tabernacle Atlanta, GA
Oct 08 House of Blues Orlando, FL
Oct 09 Jannus Live St. Petersburg, FL
Oct 11 Alamo City Music Hall San Antonio, TX
Oct 12 Lonestar Amphitheater Lubbock, TX
Oct 14 The Marquee Tempe, AZ
Oct 15 Rainbow Ballroom Fresno, CA
Oct 16 Hollywood Palladium Los Angeles, CA

w/ Letlive, Creeper

Oct 29 Trabendo Paris, France
Oct 31 Sala Cats Madrid, Spain
Nov 01 Sala Noise Valencia, Spain
Nov 02 Sala Razzmatazz 2 Barcelona, Spain
Nov 04 Kofmehl Solothurn, Switzerland
Nov 05 Magazzini Generali Milan, Italy
Nov 07 Theaterfabrik Munich, Germany
Nov 08 Arena Vienna, Austria
Nov 09 Durer Kert Budapest, Hungary
Nov 11 Huxleys Berlin, Germany
Nov 13 Gruenspan Hamburg, Germany
Nov 14 Amagier Bio Copenhagen, Denmark
Nov 15 Fryhuset Stockholm, Sweden
Nov 17 Melkweg Amsterdam, Netherlands
Nov 18 Live Music Hall Koln, Germany
Nov 19 Zeche Bochum, Germany
Nov 20 Batschkapp Frankfurt Am Main, Germany
Nov 22 Substage Karlsruhe, Germany
Nov 23 Trix Antwerpen, Belgium
Nov 25 Great Hall Cardiff, United Kingdom
Nov 26 O2 Academy Birmingham, United Kingdom
Nov 27 O2 Brixton Academy Brixton, United Kingdom
Nov 29 Rock City Nottingham, United Kingdom
Nov 30 O2 Academy Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Dec 01 Barrowlands Glasgow, United Kingdom
Dec 02 Academy 1 Manchester, United Kingdom
Dec 04 Mandela Hall Belfast, United Kingdom
Dec 5th Academy Dublin, Ireland
Dec 06 Academy Dublin, Ireland

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