Five Grand Stereo release live video for “Clip Joint”

Chris_Singleton-0012480+copyAttention lovers of the 70s: we may just have your new favourite band. Five Grand Stereo is a new rock group out of the UK with a certain 70s-style flair to their sound. Their main influences have been said to include David Bowie, Roxy Music, Frank Zappa, Marc Bolan, and Elvis Costello. The band includes members Chris Singleton, Jane Fraser, Stelios Kalisperides, Michael Kirkland, Zane Maertens, and Ben Woollacott.

“The idea behind Five Grand Stereo is to take a 1970s band, shove them in a time machine, deposit them in 2016 and ask them to make a record about the world they find themselves in” says lead songwriter Chris Singleton.

The band has plans of live shows in October as well as a new single this fall and a brand new album sometime next year. But for now, you can enjoy the live video they just put up of their song Clip Joint, which you can check out below. Their David Bowie EP is also currently available for streaming, which you can find links for here.

For more information on Five Grand Stereo, check out their website:

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