Underestimate premiere debut EP “Parallels”

Photo by Ethan Bielik

Photo by Ethan Bielik.

Underestimate is a six-piece melodic hardcore band from Cincinnati, Ohio. They’re a young band, with about a year together under their belts so far, but they’ve gotten a lot done. The band has played many local shows with other local hard hitters Homebound, The Earth Laid Bare, and Grave Friends. They’ve also opened for national acts like I Hate Heroes, Death of an Era, and Palisades, and in October they’ll be playing alongside Hundredth.

On top of all of that, they just released their debut EP called “Parallels.” The six track EP was released yesterday and is available on iTunes, bandcamp, and Spotify. Vocalist Gabe McQueen had this to say about the EP:

“This EP has been such a journey. It’s amazing to see something that started from Jackson, Trey, and I sitting in the basement grow into a work of art that everyone can access. We’ve poured so much into this EP; from the lyrics to the catchy riffs. We hope that you all take the music and the lessons that come with it to heart. Jam to the music; grow with the lyrics.”

You can check out the EP below, and pick it up here, or on any of the other platforms mentioned.


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