MOS Album Review: Gone is Gone – “Gone Is Gone”

GIGcoverGone is Gone are a four-piece rock band consisting of members; Troy Sanders guitarist/vocalist from metal band Mastodon, Troy Van Leeuwen guitarist from rock band Queens Of The Stone Age, Tony Hajjar drummer for post-hardcore band At the Drive-In, and Mike Zarin. Considering their range with genre on an individual basis, each member brings a distinct sound to the band. I was trying to put a specific genre behind their name, but the style of their music varies from track to track. But if you’re into any of the bands mentioned above, you will highly enjoy this one. Though very different from their original bands, Gone Is Gone brings a refreshing sound and unique flavor to the scene. Their Self-titled EP comes out July 8th, so don’t forget to check out their website and pre-order one of their deluxe bundles!! You can also read below for my review of their new EP, Gone Is Gone, and listen to some already released tracks!


Recently, they released a music video for “Starlight” check it out to get a feel for the new album!!!


The album which will be released via Rise Records and Black Dune Records brings a individualistic feel to the rock genre. I almost can’t actually call it rock, but I’m calling it that because I’m not sure what else to call it. It’s crazy to me the different genres that are weaved throughout this album simultaneously, crazy in the best way. Each track brings a sense of uniformity to the album in itself, as well as really showing their incredible diversity.

I’m an avid listener of all kinds of music, primarily hip-hop and indie are my genres of choice. In addition to that, Queens of the Stone Age are probably up there in my top favorite bands and I would love to compare this band to that one. However, there’s just no way you can. But you can definitely feel the immense influence, which I feel is the best thing this band has to offer. Their talent, and influence breaths through their music from the shredding of the guitar to the grungy vocals and deep-dark lyricism. They’re nothing you’ve ever heard before, while reminding you of other bands. It’s a crazy concept I’ve never quite felt that a band has pulled of, but Gone Is Gone has.

What I love the most about this album, which is what I usually love about albums, is the lyricism presented through each track. On occasion the lyrics will be given in small doses, but they make it count. They make you feel what they’re trying to convey through the lyrics by providing the instrumental back up. They’re definitely a band you feel in your bones. Though on occasion their lyrics can be hard to understand because of the immensity of the instruments, you can still really feel the emotions they are trying to express.

One of my favorite tracks on this album would have to be “One Divided”, the intro really captivated me. They transition from a steady flow of consistent jammin’ to mainly focusing on one singular instrument. It gives a very airy tone and then suddenly goes into raspy, enrapturing vocals. Then for the rest of the track, they just rock out. It’s awesome.

But I would have to say my Favorite track would be “Stolen From Me” because it’s the one I relate to the most. It has a softer start, then transitions into a heavier sound. I enjoy the harder stuff they do as well, but this track just varies so much with tone and feeling that it really draws my attention. It kept me curious to how the song is going to flow and interchange. I enjoy the diversity of this track because it really adheres to the emotions the track is trying to convey. The instant cut off at the end of the song is also an admirable choice, instead of fading- like they did with the intro, they just ended it. It was rad. I imagine that song would kick ass live. Shit, I imagine the entire band would be kick ass live.

So, I would definitely recommend picking up a copy of Gone Is Gone when it releases on July 8th OR pre-order it RIGHT NOW. Also check out their bundles, because the t-shirts are pretty cool too. You can even get it on Cassette tape if thats your thing, when do you ever see a band doing that? Never, so that just goes to show they’re worth checking out!!!!

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