MOS Interview: Feverwar

13323541_1411881775504557_7731887283589446497_oFeverwar is a five-piece rock band from Chesapeake, Ohio and they’ve steadily been making a name for themselves over the last year. They released Bible and Sword, an album heavy on technical instrumentals and well thought-out lyrics, at the end of 2015 and have been touring the album and promoting the crap out of it for most of 2016. They were nice enough to answer a few of our questions about their album and what they have coming up, and you can read the interview below. You can also check out their album under the interview, and if you love it, pick it up here.

Bible and Sword has been out for a little over half a year now. What’s the response been like from fans and from people in the industry?

– The response has been very solid. With our audience growing, new people are finding out about Bible And Sword everyday, so it’s stayed relatively fresh.

Your music is obviously super powerful in itself, but if you take the time to learn the lyrics you can see how much time and thought goes into them. They’re super unique compared to a lot of what’s out there right now. What’s your writing process like, especially when it comes to the lyrics?

– As cliche’ as it is to say, we want our songs to have meaning. Even if it is some deeper meaning someone has to really look into. We’re all for fun one-liners, and our new music will shed some light that direction, but we try to be a little more technical, in both our instruments and lyrics.

Do you have any plans for another release anytime soon?

– Yes actually. We’ve got a couple fun things planned and we can say that new music will for sure be released before the end of the year.

You’ve just finished up a tour and got to play with Every Time I Die. Congratulations! How was that?!

– Thanks! It was pretty mind-blowing. This tour was probably the best run we’ve personally done as a band, as far as support and all that goes. Kids really came through. Capping it off with a band that has undoubtedly influenced us was really rad to say the least.


I’ve only seen you play live once, but it left a lasting impression. You guys get rowdy to say the least. During the set I saw, Nicholous punched one of you in the face, dropkicked another one of you when he jumped off one of the cabinets, and jumped down into the audience with no shoes on. I’ve seen a lot of vocalists punch themselves and yell things to try to get the pit started, but nothing like Feverwar. Are things like that planned, or is it something that just developed over time? Do you guys expect it now? How do audiences usually react to it?

– We do get a little wild haha. But honestly none of that is planned. It’s very much an “in the moment” thing that has developed over time to sort of just be a deal that we all are aware each other does. Some audiences are thrown off by it and think we hate each other or something, but that’s the furthest from the truth. A little tough love never hurt anyone you know? Especially in the name of rock n’ roll.

Do you feel like where you’re from affects your music? Is/was your local scene a big part of who you are as a band?

– It has definitely influenced us. You may have noticed we talk a lot about being “hood rats”, and that’s because that’s realistically what we are. We’re just dirty kids who learned some instruments. As many bands come and go through our local scene, one solid thing that has remained are that the kids in our area are always willing to show up and support. So that’s a positive that we want to give back to.

What’s your favorite song to perform live?

– I’d likely say everyone’s answer is 3 Matches. It’s pretty nonstop from start to finish and calls for a lot of chaos. Either that or our cover of Kid Rock’s “Bawitdaba”, because like, why not?

What about your favorite part of touring?

– Getting to jam in new cities and watching new people’s reactions to us. Meeting people who somehow like our music is definitely the fun part.


I read a quote on your Facebook under one of the pictures you posted, and it was, “Look at us: Abe’s too tall, Nich’s hair is fried, Jeff has a rat tail and none of us dress well. This is because we don’t care about what a society standard or dare we say “scene standard” tells us to be. We are filthy dudes. We are in a rock band. You’re supposed to be yourself.”
I think pushing against the grain is originally what punk and hardcore was about, and still is about for those that aren’t solely trying to make money. Do you guys feel like besides the music, you also have a message to get out to people that listen? Do you use your platform as a band to get certain things across?

– It’s weird, before that post we never had really tapped into pushing any sort of message before. Other than “listen to our music”, but one day I sort of sat back and looked at one of our promos and laughed because honestly, we’re all goofy dudes. So we sort of wanted to toss it out there that, as much as a cliche that it is to say, people need to stop caring about what everyone is doing, wearing, saying, or whatever else, and just be themselves. If we want to wear dirty flannels and live in a van together, that’s what we’ll do. We’re not concerned with how we look just because someone set a “scene standard”, same way with us individually. We all try to be the nicest guys we can, but we do that while being ourselves. No need to put up a front to anyone, no matter who you are. So yes, if we can be another band who opens someones eyes to being themselves and living life how they want (in a positive way) then we’ll push that agenda.

I see that you’re unsigned right now. Do you plan to stay that way, or are you looking for a label?

– Right now we are pretty content with where we are not having a label. Not to say we’re not looking, but we just want to play it smart and wait for the right thing to come along. We’re just focused on playing our music and getting as many ears on it as we can.

What have been the benefits and disadvantages for you in being unsigned?

– Benefits are the freedom we have. We can do what we want, when we want and how we want. Disadvantages? Labels can easily help get more eyes on us. But again, we’re pretty content, so we can’t complain.

What’s been the biggest challenge for you as a band so far?

– The easy answer to that is money, as it is for any band. Whether it be merch, fixing a van, time off work, ect. People don’t understand how much really goes into it if you’re serious about it. But we do what we gotta do. Ya feel?


What are you most proud of when it comes to Feverwar?

– I guess the fact that we’ve come a long way (for us personally) in a short amount of time. We have been together as a band for a few years under a different name, and have only been active as Feverwar since last Fall. The progress and growth we’ve made in less than a year is pretty crazy. I’m definitely proud of how we’ve jumped head first into making this thing work, and it’s starting to pay off.

What else can we expect in 2016?

– Like we said earlier we have a couple of fun things planned for the rest of the year. Including releases and being on the road as much as we can be, but the main thing you can expect from us is for sure brand new music before the year’s end. Hopefully the kids will think it’s lit.

What are your biggest, wildest hopes and dreams for Feverwar in the future?

– Simply to be on the road the majority of our days getting to jam these silly songs we’ve written in multiple towns, while fellow hood rats in our t-shirts yell the words back to us. If we can make music for a living, then that’s the deal we want.

Feverwar is:

Nicholous Thomas – Vocals
Nathan Blake – Guitar/Vocals
Abraham Bentley – Bass
Jaydon Bennett – Guitar
Jeffrey McClelland – Drums/Vocals

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