MOS Artist To Watch: Maggie Rogers!

Maggie Rogers is an artist from Maryland, who currently resides in New York, New York. She came to the scene when she was featured in a video with recording artist, producer, song-writer and all around music mastermind Pharrell. In the video, Pharrell was asked to attend at masterclass for the students at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, at Tisch School of the Arts. In this video you see Maggie give a brief synopsis of what brought her to the point of making music, what she originally started out with, and what she progressed to. When she plays her track for Pharrell he is amazed at her talent, with comments such as “I have no notes for that, let me tell you why, you’re doing your own thing”, and “your story, I can hear it in the music”. I would highly recommend checking out the video, and the track played in the video- Alaska, below!

You can download Maggie Rogers’ single Alaska on iTunes now for only 0.99!

It’s also available for streaming on:
Apple Music


[Her part is around the 18:00 minute marker]

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