Summer Road trip Playlist!

Check out JoHanna’s top tracks and why she chose some of them for her summer drives below!!

For me, the absolute best part of summer is driving around with friends, windows down and all the new music that has come out recently as well as the oldies on top volume. With that being said, I thought I would put together a small playlist with just a few of the tracks that I have to have playing on every drive. I’m just going to put a small explanation of why I chose some of the songs below (don’t worry, I won’t be offended if you skip over it to just get to the music).

  1. Heathens by Twenty One Pilots: This song just came out a few days ago and I am obsessed. The track is on the new soundtrack for the movie Suicide Squad (Out August 5)! If anything, this song just got me way more excited for new TOP material.
  2. Introducing Me by Nick Jonas: Yes, this is a song from the movie Camp Rock 2. And no, I’m not at all ashamed. The track is super fun and as it goes on, the chorus gets sung faster and faster and its just a great time trying to keep up with it all. Plus, who doesn’t love Nick Jonas??
  3. YOUTH by Troye Sivan: I have been waiting for warm weather just so I could drive around and sing this song with the windows down. If you’re looking for a perfect summer driving song, look no further; this is it. The entire song is amazing and I can’t say much more other than I am completely in love with this song (as well as the entire album by Troye)
  4. Love You Like A Love Song by Selena Gomez: Do I need to explain this one? Selena Gomez was my QUEEN in my early/mid teens. I just rediscovered this track recently so of course I had to add it. The lyrics are fun and the beat is just great. This song will always be a banger for me.
  5. Stone Cold by Demi Lovato: Every playlist needs a sad song. This sad song just happens to be one that you can belt out as loud as you need to. Demi’s voice is chilling in this track and the lyrics are so deep. I will literally listen to this song no matter what kind of mood I am in; it’s that good.

Okay guys, I think that’s enough. If you want to know what other tracks are on my Summer mix, go ahead and listen below or on Spotify!

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