Borderlands Releases Their Debut Album “Voice of The Voiceless”

unnamedBorderlands, are a metalcore band from Lisbon, Portugal. They formed late 2012 with 5 members all contributing to their unique sound. Later, in November 2012, they released their EP Awakened DreamersThen nearly a year later released a single Designed LinesThey just released their debut album Voice of The Voiceless on June 9th, a day early than expected! So if you’re into metalcore, I would definitely check these guys out! Even if you’re not, you can’t deny their overwhelming talent for the genre. They bring a very up-beat and powerful feeling to their music- it’s very refreshing to see. 5 guys from Portugal doing metalcore, and doing it very well. Vocalist, Rui Martins, explains the album in his very own words.  “This is an album written with the heart, for people to feel it with the heart. ‘Voice Of The Voiceless’ is a journey and I have felt that since I joined the band. With this record we hope to reach more people and more fans. We want to reach out to the world and even then, it will not be enough!” You can listen to the album below, click the link of the album above to buy it and/or order in bundles here, they have some awesome t-shirts!

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