MOS Interview: Knockout Kid!

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 6.40.08 PMIn May, I reviewed Knockout Kid’s new album Manic, you can check out that review, and learn more about the band Knockout Kid, on my post here.

Last weekend, I got the pleasure of interviewing Knockout Kid in their hometown, Chicago. I asked the usual stereotypical questions about how they got together, and how they came up with the name “Knockout Kid”. We delve into topics of lyrics, struggles and overall how it feels to be in a band. They provide you with laughs, insightful advice and clarity about who they are not only as artists, but as individuals. You can read a more in depth explanation of the interview and watch it below!

Knockout Kid members Jake, Karl, Nick and John sat down with MOS in the windy city of Chicago to talk about their new album Manic. Throughout the interview you can really see their passion about music, and about their work come alive. Music and making meaning out of it is very important to them, which is a defining characteristic in art that isn’t seen very often. We talked about the struggles with being in a band and how hard obtaining success can be. You can learn about their personal struggles, favorite lyrics and just random fun stories about the band. We also discussed how two of the members struggled with bipolar disorder, and how it helped them with the idea for this album. I was so lucky to get to interview these guys because they’re all very unique and have their own personal stories surrounding this album. In being someone who also struggles with the disorder and writes a lot, it’s comforting to know someone else feels the way I do. Which I think is the whole point to them, they want to show others they’re not alone. These are really genuine guys who just want to have fun making music, and make a name for themselves. Humbled individuals just working on perfecting their craft. They take the struggles they are given and turn it to art, in order to help others and themselves. That’s what the album Manic is about. So if you want to find out more about Knockout Kid and get a sneak peek into their lives, struggles and band- listen to / watch our interview below!!!





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