MOS Album Review: Pierce The Veil’s ‘Misadventures’

As you all probably know by now, Pierce The Veil has finally made their long-awaited comeback, and it was well worth the wait. Their recently released album Misadventures maintains the lyrical punch everyone admires PTV for, while still portraying the insane vocal and instrumental abilities each member has. Read below to find out in-depth what Maureen thought of the album!

Now, I may be biased since I’m a huge Pierce The Veil fan, but how could you not be? Their rhythmic abilities and hard-hitting, heart-wrenching lyrics can easily draw anyone in. The insane amount of effort and love they put into making each instrumental section sound perfectly crisp is also a key factor of their amazing talents as a band. Misadventures¬†definitely lived up to the hype. PTV kept their original feel while somehow managing to give off a whole new sound, and I’m obsessed. I’ve picked a couple of my favorite tracks off the album (very hard choices) so keep reading to get a look at my thoughts!

Let’s start off with the opening track, “Dive In”. Holy shit. The guys of PTV don’t waste any time in grabbing your attention. I can’t get over the guitar in this track. There’s so many different fast-paced chords and melodies, and when they’re all combined it ties the song together perfectly. Leave it to Pierce The Veil to include a sick breakdown in the first track of the album. It’s one of those breakdowns you wanna mosh and head-bang to. This song is overall a complete banger, from the insane guitar skills to Vic’s charming vocals, it definitely leaves you wanting to listen to more.

The next two tracks I wanna mention are so genius written, I couldn’t not talk about them. Let’s start with “Floral & Fading”, an angsty love song that, in my opinion, has a completely different sound than we’re used to with PTV. The entire song has a Bonnie & Clyde vibe, with lyrics like “Close your eyes, picture you and I selling daylight for gasoline.” and “And now you wanna chase the moon like fire, well, together we can fake our own deaths here.” This track definitely makes you wanna be in an indie rom-com. The next song that hit me in the gut with it’s lyrics is “Today I Saw the Whole World”. The descriptiveness in this song is incredible. My favorite lines are “So c’mon and swing it back and forth just like my heart is on a pendulum tonight” and “While you stood over the pavement I was biting the curb, sick entertainment but I’ll bet it feels good coming down”. A lot of the lines in this song are dark and hit you deep, but that’s what makes it one of my favorites. It really makes you feel the bitterness I think this song was meant to portray.

The last track on this album I want to give light to is “Circles”. One of the three singles that was released before the album came out, and touches base with the attacks last fall in Paris at the Eagles of Death Metal show. The whole song is a hypothetical story of two friends and/or lovers attending the show and trying to save each other. Lines like “Another bullet and we both started running, both started running too. Save yourself, don’t ever look back” and “Paper hearts turned ash begin to fly over our heads. I begin screaming while the exit signs read ‘Heaven’s waiting’ ” definitely make you feel the sadness that this horrible incident brought to so many people. I really admire bands that use their music to bring awareness to certain issues and things that are happening around the world. Not only are the lyrics and meaning to this song intense/real, but the instrumentals are just as good.

Even if you’re a long-time Pierce The Veil fan, or never even heard of them, I highly recommend listening to this album. Each song has a completely different story and feel to it and keeps you wanting to listen. Vic’s playful voice pairs so well with the fast-paced, spicy instrumentals and ties everything together so well. You can pick up Misadventures¬†now on iTunes, or head to PTV’s website and snag it there! Also, make sure to check out the dates of their upcoming tour and get tickets for a date near you!

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