MOS Album Review: “Manic” by Knockout Kid

GuF71i0DKnockout Kid is a band from Chicago, Illinois recently signed to the label Bullet Tooth. They emerged into the music scene with their debut album It Comes With The Job Description. Which you can download for only $10, here! Other EPs and album’s can be found here as well! They can be described as a Pop Punk/ Metal band sound with influences of hardcore but mostly Easycore. Their sound has been comparative to bands like “A Day To Remember” and “Four Year Strong”, which in my opinion are very accurate comparisons. Along with headlining, Take It EasyCore Fest 2016 they just recently released their second album Manic, which can be bought on iTunes and other locations. You can stream and buy the album on their bandcamp. Manic is a concept album, with two parts that coincide with the name. You can hear more about the album, and read Amanda’s review below.

So let me start off by saying, the concept for this album is FANTASTIC. Seriously, let me tell you guys about it. So basically the album is called manic- as in manic depression. Some of you may have heard of this mental illness, some of you may not. But in order to understand this album you should understand the two key parts of it.

Mania, or the state of being manic is like an extreme euphoric high. Most people classify it as hyper-sexuality, over-indulgence or just extreme irritation. All of which can happen simultaneously as well. In my personal experience of manic episodes- it’s no sleep, shopping sprees and over-indulgence of Mcdonald’s at 4am and the more toxic but ever so common, excessive drinking.

Then, there’s Depression. Which is a crippling low, where you can be borderline suicidal, or just have zero drive to accomplish anything in your life. It comes in all forms and it’s incredibility overwhelming, they both are. Most people look at this as very “taboo” and that everyone can experience depression, but when it’s an illness- it’s crippling.

This is why knowing why these two things are important, with this album the first six songs are in relation to a Manic episode or state, with lyrics like “We built this empire on extortion.” or “I am not in danger, I am the danger” or “you had me at goodbye, I hope this keeps you up at night. I know it will” you can really feel the emotion that is the irritation and exciting high that is being experienced in the first part of this album. Their lyrics give off a kind of I’m on top of the world demeanor, and I really resonate that with the episodes I experience.

Then in the second half, tracks 7-12 with lyrics like “I’ve got my cardboard box and tether rope, I’ll carve my name in ceiling before I choke” or “I can’t find the words to say it’s me inside” or “I think I found love, but the lighthouse only shines for those at sea” (WOW btw), you can feel the pain and the hurt that represents depression. These tracks I find the most comfort in because depression has been the majority factor in my illness, and each aspect of these tracks can really captivate the feelings that I have experienced in my personal life

Personally, being someone who struggles with manic depression herself and has fought a long winded battle with the illness, it’s really refreshing to see a band do something like this. The concept is so amazing that it almost makes me angry I didn’t think of it first! The lyrical content of this album is incredible. The first time I listened to the album, I kept tweeting lyrics because I felt they needed to be shared (they got a lot of love btw).

Screen shot 2016-05-24 at 2.39.13 PM

The line that really spoke to me, is If I don’t remember I can’t get burned.” it’s simple but says so much, it really tugged on my heartstrings. Especially considering as a young child I went through a lot of traumatic instances, most of which I didn’t actually remember until years later. So I really resonate with it.


I highly suggest everyone checking out this album, even looking at it from a purely objective standpoint and all illness aside it is SO good. Because even if you’ve never personally experienced manic depression, or anything in comparison to it, these lyrics are still very relatable. These guys are extremely talented musically. You’ll enjoy this album, regardless! The album isn’t completely sad, which is what I really admire and genuinely fuck with, it’s easycore and it’s a beautifully depicted musical representation of emotions. It is upbeat and high-energy, and the lyrical content is very captivating. Pure poetry, and I’m really surprised these guys aren’t bigger, with only 2k + twitter followers- YA’LL NEED TO CHECK THEM OUT.

Also, I get to interview them in Chicago THIS weekend and I’m so excited. So be on the lookout for that interview and in the meantime subscribe to our youtube channel, so you can see other interviews we’ve done, there’s many more to come!! Also checkout Manicas soon as possible!!! Here’s one of my favorite tracks from the album!

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