MOS Album Review: “Faith or Theory” by Circle of Reason

12771807_1148021481917247_7829328681813341342_oCircle of Reason is a rock band from Southampton, England. They’ve been making a name for themselves since 2011 with multiple EP’s that have impressed the likes of Kerrang! TV, Scuzz, and Upset magazine. They’ve also toured pretty extensively with acts such as Neck Deep, Feed the Rhino, Marmozets, and Creeper.

On May 27th, Circle of Reason will release a brand new album called “Faith or Theory.” I got a chance to have a listen and you can read my thoughts on the album below. Make sure to watch the band’s videos for “Questions” and “Colours” at the end of the post!

“Faith or Theory” starts out with “Never Enough.” This track is a perfect introduction to Circle of Reason if you’ve never listened to them before because it shows off each facet of the bands’ skills and gives you a feel for their overall sound. It has a really strong swirling bass, guitar, and drum intro and the vocals in this one are haunting and other worldly. It’s funny because I wrote down that the vocals were reminiscent of Muse and later when I was linking the band page to this article, I saw that one of their inspirations is Muse, so good on them because this song has that spirit. The guitar work in this song (and the rest of the album) is creative and complex, unique to a lot of other bands who rely on the same few chords these days. The lyric, “You always said I could be so much better, you used to say I was enough,” is really powerful and effective.

The next song is “Questions,” and this is a song I could see as the soundtrack to the bar fight scene in a movie. It’s bad ass, with punk undertones in the instrumentals and a really catchy drum line, pounded out with vigor. The song sounds sinister in a great way. I’ll admit on first listen, the switch ups between keys and tempos was a little hectic for me, but the second time through I realized that it really adds to the feel of the song and completely fits in with the energy this one creates.

“My Emergency” is kind of the change up song on the album, starting out with a tune that sounds like a pirate’s song. It’s nice to hear an upbeat song from the band and the bass line in this one is A+. There are also some really gorgeous vocal harmonies during the second verse that stood out to me.

The intro to “Clarity” is worth noting as well. The clash of guitar parts in this one are like beautiful glass breaking, echoing and heavy. The vocals flow in and out of the music and mix with the notes to create a big orchestral sound with punchy drums effectively keeping that hard edge to the song.

One of the most dramatic tracks on the album is “In Other Words.” It’s a totally different style than all of the others. The music is softer and the vocals are more pronounced. It almost has the elegance of an opera aria. It’s very sad and very pretty. And the big build up towards the end where the music and the vocals swell and get heavy was my favorite part. It’s such a strong point in the song and you can hear the emotion.

“Tie Up The Sky” is the last track on the album and it’s probably the heaviest. The band creates the feeling of climbing to great heights with the vocals and soaring music. The last line of the song is “We dream, therefore we are,” and it’s the perfect ending to this larger than life creation that Circle of Reason have really put their hearts into.


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