Easycore is a genre that I have listened to for as long as it has been a thing. Even though some would argue when this became a genre. This guy says it started with New Found Glory and I think most would agree. What is easycore? Well the best way this writer likes to describe it to people is, Pop Punk with breakdowns. Does that sound about right? New Found Glory for sure set the stage for what was to come. After those crazy punks from Florida, we had bands such as Set Your Goals, Daggermouth, Four Year Strong and Fight Fair carrying the flag. Over the years a few of the bands gained success and some just disappeared.  New Found Glory even named one their tours, “The Easycore Tour”. That actually was one of A Day to Remember’s first big tours.

It seems this is one of those genres that comes and goes as it pleases. It will be around for a while then it goes back underground. Right now is one of those times that it is alive and well.  It seems that easycore bands are popping up every day.  We are in a revival according to some. I’m ok with that. For instance there is an easycore tour going on at this moment, “The Guardians of Easycore” The tour is headlined by Swedish giants Abandon By Bears, who are making their first trip to the states, San Diego upstarts, For The Win and rounded out by Cincinnati’s own local legends, Settle Your Scores. This is a tour not to be missed.

Besides that awesome tour, there is also a festival based in North Carolina called Take It Easycore Fest. Last year was its inaugural year and was held in Charlotte with an impressive line-up of up and coming bands such as; Trophy Wives, Carousel Kings, Crunkasaurus Rex (R.I.P), Anchors to Anchors and Settle Your Scores.  This year for the return, not only has it moved to the beautiful city of Asheville but it has expanded to two days. Can you imagine that? Two days of Easycore. This guy is stoked.  This is one of those festivals that really has the potential for growth as there isn’t an easycore festival of this magnitude around and based on the growth from last year to this year it’s going to keep growing.

The line-up is dream for any fan of the genre. It is a good mix of established bands and bands on the rise. Day one will be headlined by Knockout Kid. These guys are one of the best bands the genres has to offer and one of the most beloved easycore bands, Their set is one that should not be missed. Other notable bands on day one are; Safe, So Simple, Noise Brigade and a triumvirate of Ohio bands, The City of Sirens, Heroes Like Villains and Settle Your Scores. All three are on the verge of something bigger. The thing I like about them is they represent Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati. So that lets me know that Ohio is doing something right in terms of easycore.  Abandon By Bears has the honor of headlining day 2. They will be joined by bands such as For The Win, Sink The Ship, Sunnydale, Outta Nowhere! And Another One Down.

As the festival gets closer we here at Manifesto of Sound will be posting interviews with a few of the bands. We also will cover the festival, as I will be attending.


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