MOS Song Review: “Erotic Friend Fiction” by Plagues

IMG_0164Dayton, Ohio metalcore band Plagues have been pretty busy the past year. They’ve been playing a lot of live shows, released their debut EP “The Forsaken”, and less than a week ago released a follow-up single called “Erotic Friend Fiction.” I took a listen and I thought I’d share my thoughts on it. You can read my review and check out the lyric video below. Be sure to pick up the song on iTunes or Spotify!

And don’t miss Plagues, along with Homebound, Underestimate, Death of An Era, Come and Rest, and Darkness Divided tomorrow night at Rockstar Pro Arena in Dayton, Ohio.

The word that stayed in the forefront of my mind the entire time I listened to “Erotic Friend Fiction” was powerful. From the lyrics, to the vocals, to the drums and the crazy guitar and bass, the band really put everything they had into this one. It’s one of those songs that would scare the middle aged woman idling next to you at a red light while you blasted it in your car.

We did an interview with Plagues last month, and vocalist Jeff Caudill told us that the new material he’d been writing was really dark. He wasn’t lying. “Erotic Friend Fiction” tells the story of a girl addicted to heroin who didn’t make it out. It covers some of the stages of grief when you lose a friend, and although Jeff says the song isn’t from personal experience, you’d never know when you listen to the lyrics.

The first half of the chorus, “Now that we lay you down to sleep, a thousand secrets you will keep,” gave me goosebumps. The first couple verses of the song pretty much convey the anger and guilt you feel when someone dies too soon. The bass and drums are dark and twisted, and create the perfect blend of feeling. Speaking of drums, Garret Crawford keeps it really tight throughout the song. That’s one of the things that really stood out to me.

Each part of the song has a different sound, and the anger that leaks through when Jeff growls,”When you’re gone your words are worth fucking gold,” is really effective. The song ends with a guitar solo that has the same haunting aura of that Pink Floyd style classic rock. Think the solo at the end of “Hotel California” but heavier and even creepier. Overall, the song is fantastic, and it really makes me excited to see what Plagues will put out in the future.


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