NEW MUSIC: Blink 182: “Bored To Death”

blink182 Blink 182 is an American punk/rock/pop punk band from San Diego, California. They came about around the early 1990’s and have stuck around the music scene for a long while. Though rumored break-ups, actual break-ups and tension has ensued over the years, they’re about to release a NEW ALBUM! Sadly, Tom Delonge will not be apart of it, but it’s said to come out July 1st! Die hard Blink fans are probably out of breath right now from excitement. Especially since they’re ALSO going on tour for this new album with All Time Low, The All American Rejects and A Day To Remember! The new album is titled California, (click the link to pre-order) and the newly released song is called “Bored To Death”. Check out the song, and the tour dates below! 


You can click on the picture to be directed to Blink’s website to see a better visual of the tour dates!

tourdates blink182

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