MOS Show Review and Gallery: Post Season and Chasing Morgan

IMG_0278Last weekend, I made the trek up to Columbus from Cincinnati to see Post Season on their current tour with Chasing Morgan. Columbus locals Undergrads, Absolute Hero, and Heroes Like Villains were the support for the night. You can read my show review and check out a couple photos from the night below!

Donato’s Basement always confuses people if they’ve never been there before because they just assume that’s it’s a music venue that shares a name with the Donato’s pizza chain. But it’s not. It’s literally the basement of the Ohio State campus Donato’s plus a little bar.

It was an OSU game night, so it took us forever to find parking and we unfortunately only caught the last two or three songs of Undergrads’ set, but from what I got to see it was great! There was a very intimate vibe in the room because everyone from the local bands seemed connected in some way and they all got really into cheering each other on. Undergrads was having a few technical problems, so two of them did an acoustic cover of a Brand New song while they finished it and it was fun to reminisce and sing along with everyone. They finished out their set strong with lots of energy and sweat, using the entirety of the really small stage to its fullest.

Heroes Like Villains was up next and lead singer David Butler started a little pit during the first song. The energy was never low during their set, and they even played a song that featured guest vocals from Cincinnati local band Settle Your Scores’ frontman Christian Fischer. He was at the show so he ran up and did his part and jumped around with the rest of the band. Seeing them all have fun while they did what they loved was honestly the best part of their performance. If you get the chance to see them, you should go.

Absolute Hero was next up and they’re unique because they are female fronted in a largely all-male genre. Vocalist Sarah Nichole made a point during their set to assert that their band is a unit and it isn’t a “Haley Williams situation,” which made me laugh. Their musicality was AMAZING. This band can PLAY dammit. And Sarah’s vocals add a unique spin to the pop-punk vibe that their instrumentals provide. They have a new album, “Sing For Sanity” coming out soon, so keep an eye out for that.

Maryland pop-punk/alt rockers Chasing Morgan were up next, and to be honest I had never heard them before. They kicked ass. They moved off of the stage and spread out on to the floor, and because their bassist Jimmy Parris couldn’t make the tour, vocalist Mark Weider did double duty and played bass. I had to wait until I got home to buy their album because I didn’t have any money with me, but as soon as I walked in the door, I picked it up. That’s how much of an impression their set had on me. If I hadn’t been holding my camera (aka my life) I would’ve been jumping around for every single song.

Last up was Altoona, Pennsylvania’s Post Season. They used the entire stage area and shook the floor with how much they moved around. If you listen to their music, you get a certain feeling and that feeling really carries over into their live performance. They really believe in the music they play. Vocalist Dan Tippery made it feel like we were all friends with the funny stories he told between songs and the gracious way he talked about the venue.

My favorite part of the night was Dan’s speech about music. It was heartfelt and it really resonated with me. He talked honestly about some of his toughest experiences and how music was the one thing that got him through when nothing else could. He said that you are never alone with music. And that’s true. That’s what it means to me, and he put it into words that I couldn’t have ever said so eloquently. It meant a lot.

Tonight was the last night of the tour, but if you missed it check back on Post Season’s Facebook for more tour dates in the future. You can see the pictures from the show and one of Post Season’s music videos below!




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