MOS Show Review: Marianas Trench & Walk Off The Earth


Image curtesy of Sean Molin

Vancouver pop band Marianas Trench just wrapped up their Never Say Die Canadian tour with Walk Off The EarthEllen had a chance to catch the Winnipeg date on March 25th. You can read her review of the show below!

Ok, I’ll be honest. The only reason I went to this show was because my best friend is a huge fan (and she bought my ticket, so thanks). But man, am I glad I was there to witness this incredible display of music.

First thing’s first: I need to talk about Walk Off The Earth. I really had no idea who these guys were before this show. I had never heard a song of theirs. But that didn’t matter. This band has incredible stage presence. I found myself sucked right in, not able to look away. I was thoroughly entertained from start to finish, which is so, so important in performances. But the real standout part of their set was their cover medley of Somebody That I Used To Know/Wrecking Ball/Rude/Wake Me Up. All five of them stood there and played this on the same freakin’ guitar. My mind was blown. I’ve never seen anything like that before. They definitely turned me into a fan. If you ever get the chance to see this band, please do.

Speaking of bands with incredible stage presence, Marianas Trench was nothing short of amazing. Now I’ve never really been the biggest Trench fan, but my god. I’m not sure if I can even put into words how good this show was. This band is definitely heavy on the theatrics, but it works so well for them. Frontman Josh Ramsay has such a huge personality, it’s almost too big for the stage. His costumes consisted of a variety of (extremely) tight pants, crop tops, and capes. Although he spent a good chunk of the show wearing next to nothing at all. Complete with long flowy hair and all the guyliner you could imagine, Ramsay seems to have perfected his rockstar-diva look.

They opened the show with the title track off their latest album, Astoria. They kept things pretty simple to start off, with glowing guitars, flashing lights, and Ramsay in a hooded poncho. This is a 7 minute song, ok. That’s a long time to keep an audience interested, but they had absolutely no problem doing so.

Next up was the upbeat, 80s inspired Yesterday. Ramsay spent the majority of the chorus to this one jumping up and down and flailing his arms around while band members Matt Webb and Mike Ayley carried out the tune.

While the crowd seemed to love every bit of this show, they definitely seemed to go a little more wild for the older tunes like Celebrity Status, All To Myself, and Desperate Measures. These are all part of my favourite Trench era, I must admit. I was right with the crowd on these ones.

One of the most entertaining parts of the show to me happened just after Pop 101. A fan was attempting to get Ramsay’s attention while he was talking, and he turned to her and said “I’m kinda busy. Daddy’s working.” He made a few more jokes before going on to apologize to the poor girl for calling her out, and then telling her to “Just shut up…. and kiss me”. What a perfect transition into the song (Shutup And Kiss Me). This is actually one of my favourite tunes on their new album. At this point in the show, Josh hopped off stage and went for a little trip around the arena. He made it halfway around by the end of the song, to where a much smaller stage was waiting for him, topped with a piano. He went on to play a beautiful, solo rendition of Lover Dearest from their sophomore album, Masterpiece Theatre. I’ll be honest, I definitely shed a tear (or 100).

I’ve got to talk about something I haven’t mentioned yet. Ramsay’s vocals. Wow. This guy has such an incredible range, it’s almost unbelievable. There is absolutely no denying how much talent he has. His voice was really showcased during this part of the show. I had chills throughout the entire song, as I sat there not able to take my eyes off him. That’s saying a lot, considering it was just a guy and a piano – not a whole lot going on. I was so captivated by him in this moment.

It didn’t stop there. He went straight into One Love, another tear jerker for me. The band joined him again for this one as he made his way back to the main stage. Next was Fallout, and yup, you guessed it, I cried. AGAIN (I swear I was sober). I’m not usually a cryer at shows, but I’m telling you, this band knows how to bring the emotion.

Once the cry-fest was finally over, it was back to the happy stuff. Stutter was quite the show, with Ramsay flying above the crowd and doing countless back flips. Cross My Heart and Haven’t Had Enough were crowd pleasers as well, letting the crowd reminisce of the earlier Trench days.

They finished the show off with the ever so appropriate End Of An Era. These guys are known for meshing all the songs on one album together into one super awesome track that usually finishes off the album, and that’s what this song is. I remember the first time I heard them do this with Masterpiece Theatre and I was absolutely mind blown. I thought it was just the coolest thing. This song is no different. It’s amazing to me the way they can make all those songs work together as one.

Any band that can take someone who’s not necessarily a fan and put on a good enough show to completely change their mind deserves extreme props. And that’s exactly what they did to me with this tour. How would I describe this band? Glorified rock opera. Watching a Marianas Trench show is kind of like going to the theatre to see a musical. You don’t just get a concert. You get a real, genuine show. You can see the passion for live music and entertainment in this band. This is a band you need to see live. I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

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