MOS Interview: Signs of Algorithm

Signs Of AlgorithmSigns of Algorithm is a metalcore band from Bruges, Belgium. SOA is made up of vocalist Frederick, guitarist Didier, guitarist Kevin, bassist Yochi, and drummer Roberto. They’ve been around for a few years and played a huge number of live shows, but last month saw their first full length released. The album is called Harbinger and it was released March 19th on White Tower Records. It’s a hard-hitting album with some heavy content, and as Frederick says, “dark themes that’ll punch you in the face.” You can read our interview with Frederick and Didier below!

What is the metalcore scene like in Bruges? Has the local scene affected you as a band?

Didier: To be honest, Bruges itself doesn’t really have a metalcore scene. I think Bruges has 2 active metalcore bands now, including Signs Of Algorithm. This is the main reason why we don’t play a lot of shows in our hometown. We are obliged to focus on other cities and other countries.


What/who inspired you to get into metalcore in particular?

Frederick: I grew up with bands like Metallica and Sepultura and later on I came in contact with death and black metal music through my older brother’s cd collection so he introduced me to metal music. I always loved the harder genres from a very young age but I still remember when I discovered bands like Atreyu, Killswitch Engage and Trivium back around 2005 and I fell immediately in love with it. I loved the melodic riffs and the variation on the vocal parts. I was like, oh shit that’s the music that I want to play myself.

Didier: My personal writing style has always been a combination of melodic parts and heavy rhythms so that’s why playing metalcore has always felt natural for me.

How did Signs of Algorithm form, and have any of you been in any other bands in the past?

Frederick: Yes! Before we started with Signs Of Algorithm all members were playing in other projects but nothing serious. A lot has changed since back in the day when we formed Signs Of Algorithm. We started as a bunch of friends who just wanted to play music but as time passed we wanted more than just playing local shows so touring became an important thing for Signs Of Algorithm. This is the main reason why we had several line-up changes throughout the years. Nowadays we have a stable line-up with members who really love music and who have the passion to spread it around the world.
What are some of your favorite touring experiences so far?

Frederick: In my opinion touring is a cool experience on it’s own. We love to expand our territory so we like playing clubs or countries where we haven’t played before. The most awesome thing for me personally is to meet new people every day while being on the road. Every day we see new places and we meet new faces. That’s just wonderful. Besides we learn a lot about differences of cultures between countries which is also educational.
What was the recording process like for “Harbinger?” Why did you decide to record in Italy?

Frederick: Back in the summer of 2015 we played some shows in Italy on the New Horizons Summer Tour and spend some days off over there as well. During our stay in Italy we met the guy from White Tower Records and stayed for a while at his place. We had a really good vibe over there and it was a very familiar atmosphere so we decided to sign with White Tower Records, record the album and shoot a video-clip over there as well.

Since we have a tight and familiar partnership with White Tower Records it felt like we were recording the album at our own private studio. We felt home and recorded in a very good and chill atmosphere but when I look back on the recording process it was still pretty close to the deadline because I experimented a lot with different vocal layers. After all, I’m happy I took this extra time ‘cuz it makes the album a lot stronger in my opinion.

The song “New Horizons Yet To Come” covers some pretty heavy content, lyrically. Can we expect more hard-hitting topics on “Harbinger?”

Frederick: Yes, definitely! The lyrics on this album contain a wide variety of hard-hitting topics. I am personally not a fan of happy endings and I don’t write lyrics to please someone else so there is no sunset on Harbinger, only dark themes that’ll punch you in the face.
What are some of the elements you are most proud of on your upcoming album? Do you each have a favorite track?

Didier: I love the variation on the album. Each song has it’s own mood and summons different feelings with listeners so in my opinion the album is a cool blend of different styles. My favorite songs are “No Warning Shot” and “Harbinger.”

Frederick: I think I can speak for the whole band if I say that “Harbinger” is our most favorite song on the album. It is the last song we have written for the album and you can hear a difference if you compare it the other tracks on the album. We try to improve “Signs Of Algorithm” by creating a better sound for ourselves so we have spend more time on details and also experimented with orchestra sounds. I think this song will definitely have an influence on our new upcoming material.
What can we expect from you guys for the rest of 2016?

Frederick: You can expect a lot of tour dates to promote the album Harbinger. We just finished the South French and Spanish part of the Harbinger tour last week so for the rest of 2016 we will promote the album in Belgium, The Netherlands, Uk and Eastern Europe. As you can see we will hit the road a lot in 2016!

What is your ultimate dream for the future of Signs of Algorithm?

Frederick: The ultimate dream in our future would be to tour outside of Europe.
A tour in USA or Japan would be freakin’ awesome !!

You can pick up “Harbinger” right here.


Upcoming Signs of Algorithm Tour Dates:

Apr 15 – The Rock Village Flémalle, Belgium
Apr 16 – A Genne Komm Eygelshoven, Netherlands
May 05 – The Brewhouse Warrington, United Kingdom
May 06 – YARP Festival Folkestone, United Kingdom
May 07 – DIY Underground Ashford, United Kingdom
May 08 – The Chambers Folkestone, United Kingdom
May 10 – Kavka Antwerp, Belgium
Jun 03 – Official Graspop Preparty @ Kinky Star Ghent, Belgium
Jun 25 – The Grand Canyon Nazareth, Belgium
Jun 30 – Bands Against Terrorism @ Ohk Ostend, Belgium
Jul 02 – Bokfest Boutersem, Belgium
Aug 06 – Mid Summer Festival Part 3 Houdeng Goegnies, Belgium
Aug 13 – Krotrock Meise, Belgium
Oct 01 – Limen Screamblast Festival Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic
Oct 28 – Brieljant Deinze, Belgium

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