MOS Show Review: Issues’ Monster Energy Outbreak Tour


On April 2nd, I was lucky enough to have a chance to go to the Indianapolis date of the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour. You can read my review of the night below!

Now, I’ve seen most of the bands that were performing live before, but never together and I wasn’t nearly prepared for the experience.

It was definitely an adventure. Me and a few friends headed to the venue two hours before doors opened and we were actually fairly close the front. Given that with wind chill, it was likely below freezing and it was a very windy day, none of us were actually surprised to be one of the first few there.

By the time we got inside, we were all very cold and it was running late, but then again, I’ve been to over 100 concerts and none of them opened their doors on time, so that’s not a surprise.

Anyway, Night Verses was the first band onstage. I’d never heard of them prior, but they definitely knew how to hold a crowd’s attention. A few of their songs had a soothing quality too it and they used a variety of synth sounds to mix it up and it was interesting. Safe to say, I’ll definitely be looking up their music in the future.

Now, I’m sure anyone whose been to a concert outside of a festival setting know what I’m talking about when that moment, when the lights drop before the headline act comes on stage and crowd surges forward and you’re suddenly two yards closer to the stage than you were before, but it’s at the cost of all of your personal space.

That moment, instead of happening just before Issues, or even Crown The Empire, like I would’ve expected, happened before One OK Rock.

I’ve seen the Japanese band before and they’re good. I like a few of their songs, but I didn’t know them nearly enough to be that hyped for their set and was in no way prepared for the sudden rush toward the stage.

Of course, I got into the music easily, enjoying a song I’d heard them perform during their last concert in Indianapolis, November of last year when they were opening for All Time Low’s Back To The Future Hearts Tour.

The band proved that they’d played to much bigger crowds than the small group that was in the basement of the Old National Center, easily working the crowd and getting everyone hyped, and jumping along, even if we didn’t know the music.

There wasn’t much of a wait between One OK Rock and Crown The Empire and the little bit that the crowd had backed off during that time was immediately gone as we all pushed toward the stage again.

Crown The Empire included a nice mix of older and new songs and the crowd definitely got into it. A few mosh pits opened up behind me, though I didn’t take part in them.

The real surprise came during Issues’ set.

I’ve seen them once before during All Time Low’s Future Hearts Tour in Columbus, Ohio and then it was almost nothing compared to this time around.

With the whole crowd focused on Issues on stage, everything was very intense. It wasn’t like it was a huge crowd. I’ve been apart of much bigger crowds, but we weren’t in a very big room either and it was a sold out show.

The best part was during the middle of Issues’s set, after a few mosh pits, the crowd split apart into a wall of death, without the band even asking for anything.

Everyone was having a great time and we didn’t really care about anything happening outside of the venue and even at one point, after a song had finished, Tyler was up on stage and he mentioned that maybe, just maybe the band hadn’t been ready for how insane the Indy crowd was.

We were all pumped and ready to go and the band fed off the energy, bouncing up and down and interacting with the crowd.

Issues finished off their encore with Hooligans, calling out to their fanbase in the crowd and it’s safe to say that everyone leaving that venue felt it the next morning.

It was a great concert and I wish I could go back, but sadly, my chance is gone. Of course, if they’re coming to you and you still have a chance to grab a ticket, definitely make sure to stop by. It’s a night to remember.

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