4 Bands You Should Definitely Be Listening To

It’s already pretty obvious that 2016 is gonna be very big for the music scene. So many amazing new bands have been surfacing, and our old favorites have already been releasing killer music. We’ve compiled a list of some bands you might not have listened to before, but definitely should be! Check out our pick’s below!

  1. The Hunna


This four-piece indie rock group from the UK had me hooked within the first minute of listening to them. Their catchy and upbeat vibe pairs perfectly with the clever, brave lyrics each of their songs portray. If you wanna put yourself in a good mood, and listen to something you can sing at the top of your lungs then this band is 100% up your alley. The Hunna is currently touring the UK, so make sure to check them out if you can! You can find their music here and also on Spotify and Apple Music.


2. Safe, So Simple


Arizona pop-punk/easycore group Safe, So Simple is definitely a band to keep an eye on. Their sound and lyrics have a very positive and high-energy vibe that lots of other bands in this genre don’t have. Every time I listen to them, it’s impossible not to bop my head and dance along. Safe, So Simple recently released their EP Too Close To Closure, which you can purchase on iTunes, or stream it through Spotify.


3. Detour North


This Chicago based pop-punk group isn’t exactly new on the scene, but they’re definitely gaining some traction recently. Their music combines angsty lyrics with fast-paced melodies and breakdowns. They definitely have that nostalgia that I love feeling when I listen to a band. Detour North has two albums out, Poster Child for a Wasted Youth and From Your Basement Speakers, both available to stream/purchase here!  You can also stream their music through Spotify and Apple Music.


4. Maple Hill


If you’ve been keeping up with us, you know Maple Hill is one of our favorites. The pop-punk foursome based in New York just recently released their debut album Headspace, and it definitely did not disappoint. This band is so good at making you feel every emotion possible. Their lyrical and instrumental abilities are spectacular and definitely deserve a listen. You can purchase Headspace here, or stream it through Spotify!

These are just a handful of talented artists that we definitely feel deserve some recognition. Give em a listen and let us know some of your favorite bands you’ve been jamming to lately!

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