MOS Interview: Panicland

sept13-1.jpgWinnipeg based band Panicland have made quite the name for themselves. Made up of members Braedon Jane, Riley Jane, Ian Willmer, and Travis Hunnie, these guys are a perfect example that hard work really does pay off. In the last year alone, they’ve gone on a 5 month long tour, worked with some big time producers, and even played a couple sold out shows here and there. Their single Runaway was a big hit for them as well, getting steady airplay on Virgin Radio. Oh yeah – and they’ve done this all on their own. These guys have generated a ton of buzz around themselves, and not without good reason. It’s rare to come across bands these days that don’t just sound like everything else out there, but Panicland has managed to do it. I can’t get enough of the fifties vibe that comes out in some of their tunes. They’re just the right amount of catchy to get stuck in your head. Forever. There’s absolutely no denying the talent within this band, and it’s pretty clear they’ve got a huge future ahead of them. They’re young, fresh and fun, and they’re ready to do whatever it takes.

We recently caught up with the guys at their favourite spot: the Half Moon Drive In, a super cool fifties themed diner in Lockport, Manitoba. Check out what they had to say in the video below:

Check out the Runaway video:

Pick up Panicland’s Steal My Sweater EP on iTunes here!

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