MOS Interview: VISTA

fasdfasfHope Vista started out as a solo project for Hope, and a pretty successful one at that. Recently, Hope was joined by drummer Wolf Reiter and guitarist Brian Canfield, and the trio became VISTA. The band’s first single, “On The Brink,” was just released in February, and despite how busy they are right now, spending a lot of time in the studio, they took the time to do an interview with MOS. You can check out Maureen‘s interview with VISTA below!

What made you want to break away from your solo career to create VISTA?

Hope: I really needed a change. I was stuck in a deep mental rut and didn’t really know what move to make next, I didn’t feel challenged anymore. I wanted a new challenge, and something I could really indulge myself in to revive myself a bit!

Your single “On The Brink” definitely portrays an awesome pop-rock vibe. Who are some of your biggest inspirations for your new music?
VISTA: We wouldn’t say it’s pop, we’re really trying to define and create an anthemic alternative rock genre for ourselves! We found a lot of little influences in different songs, like the drum tones in one or a clapping pattern in another. A bunch of smaller influences added up to create this anthemic vibe that we hope is reminiscent of what you’d hear and feel like at a live show! We all listen to a lot of Set It Off, PVRIS, Against The Current, All Time Low, Paramore, bands like that; the bands who have insanely energetic live shows.

Can we expect any tours coming up this year?
VISTA: We’re working on some ideas right now, but as of right now we don’t have any tours confirmed. We just announced our first string of shows this May with Royal Street, in Pittsburgh, on Long Island, and in north Jersey! We’ll definitely be on the road more throughout the year.

You have a new EP, VERSUS, in April, which is super exciting! What was the writing process like?

VISTA: A lot of it has been done separately, because Hope just moved out of state. Hope and Wolf have been doing writing sessions over FaceTime. There were planned weekly writing sessions before she moved, but now it’s more just bouncing ideas off of each other through voice memos! We’re actually in the studio as we speak finishing up this EP!

It’s pretty clear your fans are extremely dedicated to VISTA. How important is it to have that fan connection?

VISTA: It’s the most important thing. You have to take the time to build that connection with them and let them know that you’re not just an image on a screen. Bringing yourself to life and having genuine conversation with fans is so vital. We want to have those silly conversations and hear about their day!

Where would your dream tour be be and who are three bands you would love to be on that tour?

VISTA: I think it’d be pretty similar to the last Glamour Kills tour, which was Against The Current, Set It Off, and As It Is with ROAM. Hope went to one of those shows and nearly lost her mind at how good it was, she was side stage jumping all over the place. We like that kind of energy and how the crowd totally falls in love with packages like that.

We always like to find out what everyone is listening to lately. What are your 5 favorite bands/artists at the moment?

VISTA: I think we’re all kind of on a constant Bieber kick, he always pops up in our conversation somewhere. Brian loves him. Definitely the new PVRIS single, it’s their best track yet. We’re ready for Set It Off’s new record so we’ve got that new single blasting, Against The Current’s new stuff, too. And Hope’s been all over Sia’s latest album lately, she’s completely in love!

What are some goals for VISTA in 2016?

VISTA: Definitely to get on the road and do a bunch of shows, we just announced some in Pittsburgh, on Long Island, and in north Jersey! We’ve got some more that we’re planning. I think our main goal is to just get on the road as much as we can and put out a quality record that we’re all super proud of.


Check out VISTA’s debut single, “On The Brink” and download it on iTunes right here. Keep an eye out for their upcoming EP VERSUS, coming out sometime in April.

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