MOS Top Ten: Bands Meredith’s Excited To See On Warped Tour

warped tourEvery pop punk, hardcore, post-hardcore, emo, and metal kid definitely keeps Warped Tour on their radar every summer. And in my opinion, the lineup has been getting better and better over the past couple years. This year marks the 21st annual Vans Warped Tour! The lineup was announced Wednesday and it’s INSANE!!!!! It was really hard for me to pick just 10 bands for this list, but somehow I did it. So here you go, the top ten bands I’m most excited to see live at Warped this year. You can check them out below.

  • 10. – Young Guns

Young Guns puts on a hell of a show, and that’s the main reason they made my list. I’ve seen them once before, almost a year ago when they were touring with Breaking Benjamin. The lighting in the venue was awful, and it was really hard to see them so an outdoor daytime performance in a festival setting will be cool because I’ll actually get to connect their stage performance with their sound. I’m also pretty excited to hear some tracks from their new album, Ones and Zeros. 

  • 9. – coldrain

coldrain is a rock band from Nagoya, Japan, and they first hit my radar when I started this site and received a press release about their new video at the time. The video was for “Wrong,” a track from their fourth and newest album VENA. It was amazing, and definitely not what I expected. Since then, it seems like this band has completely blown up. I see them everywhere. It’ll be cool to see what their live show is like.

  • 8. – Like Pacific

Like Pacific is on my list for a petty reason, but I don’t care! I wanted to go on the three day pop punk road trip with Maureen and Renee that we covered a few months back. The one where they saw Neck Deep, State Champs, Knuckle Puck, and Like Pacific for three nights in a row on the AP World Tour. But I had to work, and so I was stuck in Cincinnati. I’ve seen the three other bands on that tour, but I’ve never seen Like Pacific live. I can’t wait to catch them on Warped Tour and hear some songs from Distant Like You Asked. I reviewed it when it came out, and it’s brilliant.

  • 7. – Sleeping With Sirens

I’ve seen Sleeping With Sirens live twice, and I get a lot of flack from certain unnamed music elitists….for liking this band, but I will never claim not to love them. Their lyrics and their music in general have gotten me through a lot. And they’re so damn catchy. And while I roll my eyes and cringe at some of Kellin Quinn’s dad-like speeches between songs, I have to admit it’s kind of charming. I’m excited to see them in an outdoor festival setting to see what the energy’s like.

  • 6. – Mayday Parade

I first met this band at my first Warped Tour when I was in ninth grade and they were passing out free EP’s to the people in line before the doors opened. And now look at them. Despite the fact that I just saw them two weeks ago, they’re still on the list because they’ll always be on the list. And honestly, Black Lines is my favorite of all their albums, so any chance I have to hear “Keep In Mind, Transmogrification Is A New Technology,” I’ll take.

  • 5. – The Word Alive

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m still new to The Word Alive’s music. I hadn’t ever listened to them until the very beginning of this year. And that’s why I’m so excited to see them! Their music is so dynamic and I can’t wait to hear it in person and get more of a feel for the band.

  • 4. – ROAM

If you haven’t heard Backbone yet, go listen to it and ROAM will be on your list too. The pop punk that’s coming out of the UK right now is top notch and ROAM is sitting pretty high up on the list. They’ve really blown up in such a short time, and I’m happy I have the opportunity to see them in the states. Now if only WSTR and Highlives were on Warped as well.

  • 3. – Knuckle Puck

If I were to truly write about my love for Knuckle Puck, it would need it’s own series of articles, so I’ll just say this. I fucking love them and everything they create. And I will probably buy copious amounts of merch and be moved almost to tears during their set. That is all. Thank you.

  • 2. – Broadside

We did an interview with Broadside and a review of their newest, Old Bones, and hearing the stories behind some of the songs and the passion they have for their music and lyrics really endeared me to this band. I’ve never seen them live, so it’ll be really neat to connect the performance to the interview and the album. I had it on repeat in my car for a full month. This is a band that you need to keep an eye on because they’re right on the edge of something huge.

  • 1. – Capsize

I’m obsessed with Capsize right now. I can admit that. I’ve seen them open for Silverstein and Senses Fail in a medium venue and I’ve seen them headline in a small bar, and both of those sets left me at a loss for words. The emotion in hardcore music always gets to me, and the authenticity and genuine heart that this band has punches me in the gut. I’m rooting for them so hard, and the fact that they’ll be on Warped (and releasing their new full-length at their merch booth !) makes me super, super happy.
What are some of the bands you’re most excited about? Tweet us or tell us in the comments, and you might see your answers in a future feature!



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