MOS Show Review and Gallery: Capsize

IMG_0310Meredith drove up to Columbus last night to see California hardcore band Capsize headline at Double Happiness. This headlining tour is the prelude to their run on Warped Tour this summer. Support included Deathsong, Headrush, CREWNECK, and Keyoung. You can check out her photos and a quick review below!

I’d never been to Double Happiness before, but I immediately fell in love with that venue. It’s perfect for a smaller crowd, and the bar (and the rest of the building) was decked out in twinkle lights and colorful decorations. There were lanterns hung everywhere, and the Double Happiness symbol lit up the front window in red. The huge sliding door across from the bar was open and it was pouring down rain outside, so it was really peaceful.

The crowd packed into the little room with the stage almost at floor level and it was really cool because the bands were right in your face. You felt like you were really part of the music and the experience instead of just an audience member. And the hardcore community is all about that camaraderie, so it was a really good feeling.

I felt a sense of pride for Ohio (which is really rare for me….heh) during the local bands’ sets. They all drew out a pretty big crowd, and there were pits during every performance. I even got knocked around a little bit. Headrush was insane, and everyone seemed really excited when they hit the stage.

And then there was Capsize. I’d seen them once before on the recent Silverstein/Senses Fail tour and that’s when I fell in love with them. Hardcore is really special because it’s loud and in your face, but it’s emotional and it has a heart. It’s Capsize’s lyrics that pulled me in in the beginning. And the crazy energy and intense emotion in their music and vocals is something to be admired. You can’t stand in front of them and watch their performance and not feel anything. Because you can tell that they themselves are feeling everything when they play.

They performed a wide range of songs, some older ones from I’ve Been Tearing Myself Apart and newer ones from The Angst In My Veins. They performed a brand new one to start off their set, and vocalist Daniel Wand announced that it’s from their new full-length that they’ll be releasing at their merch stand on Warped Tour this summer.

They finished off the night with the title track from The Angst In My Veins, and they put everything into it. I was happy that the venue was so intimate, because seeing them that close and actually getting to watch the intensity on their faces and be surrounded by the music really solidified how talented they are. There are big things in store for this band, and I can’t wait to buy every single record.

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