MOS Album Review: Safe, So Simple’s “Too Close To Closure”

11998847_1009905032385558_1307682059204901220_nSafe, So Simple is a four-piece easycore band from Benson, Arizona and they just released a new EP on March 11th. It’s called Too Close To Closure and you can read Meredith’s review of the EP below!

I first heard Safe, So Simple a few months ago when we covered their new music video for “Teeth Like Sharks” and I loved it! Three of the four members contribute vocals to the music, and while that may sound like a lot, each one of them has a unique voice and the combination is so dynamic and interesting to listen to.

The EP starts out with “Within Reach,” which has a really nice, big, driving guitar sound and although the song is short with simple lyrics, the emotion in the vocals and the heartfelt energy in the drums, bass, and guitars make it really meaningful. The title comes from this song, and the lyric, “Too close to closure to forfeit now. If I give up halfway through I’ll never live this down.” And that’s a great start to the EP because it kind of sums up the entire message of Too Close To Closure. It’s a really motivational album, and it’ll pick you up if you’re feeling down.

“Ghost In My Backseat” is up next and it’s nice, speedy, bouncy pop punk. I had to bob my head while I was listening to it and I really loved the overlapping vocals. The higher vocals actually reminded me of Jesse Lacey’s vocals during the good old “Your Favorite Weapon” era of Brand New, and the different voices on this track really compliment each other. The bridge is catchy as heck with a really cool guitar part, and the chorus will really pump you up. This is one that I could really jump around to live.

“Teeth Like Sharks” has a lot of unclean vocals and they flow seamlessly into the bands sound. Easycore is essentially pop punk with unclean vocals and breakdowns, and Safe, So Simple has mastered that. They make it so much fun to listen to. This song is so motivating, and I wanted to scream along to “I won’t stop fighting til this heart stops beating! It took forever for these eyes to see that I’m the author of my destiny!”

After that is “Welp, Better Luck Next Year.” The title makes me smile, because I love the word “Welp,” and this song is kind of an unrequited love anthem. It’s really relateable. We’ve all had a friend that we’ve had feelings for and had to sit by and wish they liked us back while we watch them get hurt over and over again by other people. The drums on this one are so strong and they are the heart of the track. The most powerful lyric in “Welp….” is “He can have you, but I still love you.”

The EP ends with “Do Or Do Not, There Is No Try.” This one is really musically complex, with a lot of tempo changes and a different feeling for each part of the song. I love the harmonies and rounds, and the breakdown is great. I wrote, “I WANT TO START A PIT, BOYS!” in all caps on my paper while I was listening to this. It’s great and it makes me really excited for a Safe, So Simple tour. It’s the perfect song to end the EP because it sums up what Too Close To Closure is all about: “I am what I am, and it’s all that I’ll be. Unapologetically me, and I’m not changing.”


Check out the video for “Teeth Like Sharks” below, and pick up the EP right here, right now!

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