MOS Show Review and Gallery: Mayday Parade, The Maine, and BoyMeetsWorld

IMG_0541Right now, Mayday Parade and The Maine are on the road co-headlining The American Lines Tour, aptly named for each of their newest albums. (The Maine’s American Candy and Mayday Parade’s Black Lines).

Last night, the tour stopped at Bogart’s in Cincinnati, Ohio and Meredith had the chance to go and take pictures. You can read her review and check out the photos below!

Bogart’s is a beloved music venue here in Cincinnati, especially for the rock and alternative scene. But to be honest, they don’t sell out every weekend. This weekend THEY DID. The line for the concert wrapped around the block on both sides of the building and it was hard for me to even weave my way to the front to be able to take pictures. I’m pretty sure I pissed some people off….but what could I do?

The show started at 7 and BoyMeetsWorld were the openers. They’re from Cincinnati so they had a really strong set of fans in the crowd, and they got everyone really excited and energetic. Vocalist Craig Sulken went insane for the entire set. It was really hot in the building, but that didn’t stop him from bouncing around the stage and jumping up and down all while staying engaged with the crowd. This band has been gaining momentum for a while, playing on Vans Warped Tour last summer and headlining a tour with Chicago pop punk band 7 Minutes In Heaven. But it’s only going to continue from here, and that’s obvious after last night’s performance. During the last song, Sulken asked the crowd to make room and jumped from the stage all the way over the barrier, landing on the floor in the middle of everyone and singing the last half of the song from the audience. It was amazing. I was so excited to see so much passion and energy from the band.

The Maine was up next, and the stage was dark with only the light from the big, gold “M” illuminating the stage as vocalist John O’Callaghan started the set with “Into Your Arms” on an acoustic guitar. The rest of the band joined in and drummer Pat Kirch’s set up was center stage, complete with rotating light bars and an elevated platform for his kit. The band played a lot of songs from American Candy during their set, starting with the title track, and the audience seemed really happy about that. They definitely played some older hits too and during “Girls Do What They Want,” John invited an audience member onstage. He does this at a lot of shows, and you can’t help but smile because he’s so nice to everyone he invites up. He got the boy he brought up to sing the bridge and danced around behind him while the band played. The kid was smiling from ear to ear and the whole crowd sang along with him.

John is one of the best frontmen you could ever ask for, because he’s so genuine and charming with the crowd, and he’s constantly smiling. Guitarist Kennedy Brock and Pat were constantly sharing smiles and laughing while John talked and the whole band seemed in really good spirits, which I think spread to the crowd. The security guards were even into it, putting their hands up to try to hype everyone up during songs and jumping up and down when the band did. “Diet Soda Society” and “Same Suit, Different Tie,” had me dancing and singing along, and then the band played “Like We Did,” and I had to text my sister in all caps because that is her favorite song and we never expected them to play it. She was in the back, but I know she was back there dancing. The band played a few more including “Misery” and “English Girls” (which everyone went crazy during) and then they ended their set with “Another Night On Mars” and I felt like we should all be swaying with our arms around each other and our drinks in our hands. It was the perfect end to a great performance.

Mayday Parade was next, and I was kind of in awe for the first few seconds because I hadn’t seen them since Warped Tour two thousand something. I know I was still in high school, and I’ll be twenty-five this year, so it was a long time ago. They started out with “One Of Them Will Destroy The Other” which (if you haven’t listened to Black Lines yet and you don’t know) is fucking awesome. I am so excited about Mayday’s new, gritty, heavy sound on this album and it’s even more powerful to hear live. Vocalist Derek Sanders is a force of nature, jumping around with ripped jeans and long, crazy hair. He seems to always be smiling when he isn’t singing. “Jamie All Over” was the second song and that was one of my top five in high school so I sang along loudly while I took pictures, and my heart skipped a few beats during the second verse because that was always my favorite. But probably the best moment of the entire Mayday set for me was when I heard the beginning chords for “Keep In Mind, Transmogrification Is A New Technology” because that is my all time favorite Mayday Parade song. I was hanging on every word, every beat of the drums, every strum of the guitar. It was beautiful. The emotion that this band puts into everything they do is so apparent that even if you’ve never listened before, one song could show you how talented they are.

“Three Cheers For Five Years” was obviously a huge hit with the crowd, with a bunch of people clenching their fist and dramatically singing along. And then the haunting “Hollow” filled the room and there was a heaviness in the air thanks to the jagged guitars in that one. “Letting Go” was next, and I was really happy that they made the decision to put that one on the setlist because I think it’s a genius song. I can guarantee you anyone that was there that’s hit a bad spot in their relationship was sad during that one. It’s a perfect song for that. “Terrible Things,” “Ghosts,” and “Black Cat” were some more highlights of the night. Mayday ended the show with “Kids In Love” and “Jersey,” perfect choices to get everyone singing along and wishing that they’d just keep playing all night.

Mayday Parade and The Maine have both been around for a while now, but I don’t see them stopping anytime soon. These bands are so special because they are constantly evolving. They care so much about their music and they put everything they have into it. Every emotion, every idea, every hope, and every heartbreak. They are constantly creating and they aren’t afraid to try new sounds, and that’s what makes them great. I can’t wait for what comes next, and if you have a chance to go to any of the remaining shows on The American Lines Tour, GO!

The American Lines Tour Dates:

Mar 15 The Orange Peel Asheville, NC
Mar 16 Baltimore Soundstage Baltimore, MD
Mar 17 Sherman Theater Stroudsburg, PA
Mar 18 The Paramount Huntington, NY
Mar 19 Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel Providence, RI
Mar 20 State Theatre Portland, ME
Mar 22 Higher Ground Ballroom Burlington, VT
Mar 24 The Intersection Grand Rapids, MI
Mar 25 The Rave / Eagles Club Milwaukee, WI
Mar 26 The District Sioux Falls, SD
Mar 29 Sokol Auditorium Omaha, NE
Mar 30 Diamond Ballroom Oklahoma City, OK
Apr 01 Sunshine Theater Albuquerque, NM
Apr 02 Extreme Thing Sports & Music Festival @ Desert Breeze Park Las Vegas, NV

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