Celebration Guns release catchy new indie pop tune “The Volunteer”

jdhgf;jkalhwekjfsdzhgkjldsffgCelebration Guns is an indie pop band from Phoenix, Arizona and they have an EP coming out next month. They recently released a music video for “The Volunteer,” a single from their EP. The song and the video focus on those people we all know that are just assholes; selfish and inconsiderate people who think they’ll never have to answer for their actions. The song is super catchy, with guitars that’ll make you wanna dance. Check the video out below, and if you dig it you can pre-order Celebration Guns EP The Me That Used To Be, out on April 8th through President Gator Records.

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7 Responses to Celebration Guns release catchy new indie pop tune “The Volunteer”

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