New Music Video: OnCue – “Time”

oncueOncue is a rapper, songwriter, singer from Connecticut who currently resides in Brooklyn. Oncue made his way to the scene in 2010 with his release ‘Cuey Sings the Blues’, and then later when he released ‘Leftovers’.  His most recent tape ‘Angry Young Man’ came out in 2014, which was consistent in nature with his other releases but brought a diverse sense of emotion with each track. His song ‘No Way’ became an instant hit, and really caught everyone’s attention with his creative vision for the music video. He just recently released the song “Time”, produced by Mike Kuz which is going to be on his upcoming album, ‘Perfectly, Tragically, Flawed’. The release date for the album is yet to be announced. But you can watch the new video to the track “Time” below, and see some of Amanda’s insight on the track, video and artist! 

Oncue is known for his artistic vision and his poetic rhetoric. He has an eye for creativity and shows this through his music as well as his videos. His diversity, artistry and passion towards music really puts him on the map for me and many others. The rapping/singing combo is something a lot of rappers attempt to do but fail. However, Oncue delivers this method flawlessly. This kind of talent is a rarity and I would check him out soon before he gets big so you can be one of the people that can say “Oh I knew OnCue before you!” This video is, like most of his other videos, a sheer reflection of his art form and vision. In this song you get an idea of his struggle with the idea of fame, and hard-work paying of- or maybe not. The idea that he could fail consumes his being and he has to deal with the fact that’s a possibility, but he won’t let it. Ambition is everything in the rap industry, and he won’t let his go to waste. This video gets up close and personal with OnCue’s true emotions, which are my favorite type- with videos like this one and “Better Than Before” it’s obvious Cuey knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s consistent on self-expression and emotional appeal, which is one of the reasons he’s so damn good. I would recommend not sleeping on him, wake up before it’s too late and you miss the bus.

Also, be on the lookout for his new album Perfectly, Tragically, Flawed coming soon! But in the mean time follow him on twitter or snapchat (OnCue) for more updates on his new music!

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