MOS Show Review: The Fight For Something Tour

tumblr_inline_nkmagaWnhd1rot3dsAs of March 1st, Tonight Alive and Set It Off began their Fight For Something Tour around North America. I was lucky enough to be able to get one of the VIP tickets from this show. I’d already seen both bands live before and knew that both could put on quite a performance. You can read my review of the show below.

Until the day of the concert, SayWeCanFly and The Ready Set were supposed to open for the two, though SayWeCanFly had to cancel, though they played the next night at The Rave in Milwaukee, WI and from what I’ve been able to tell, it was a shame Chicago didn’t get the same performance.

Still, before the show, everyone was eager to get inside, out of the cold, we were all welcomed into a big open area where the concert was meant to be held. It was there that the VIP group got to meet with the members of both headlining bands.

We were all split into teams with band members and we all performed a dance off. It was quite an interesting experience, and, though we didn’t win, I’m sure all of the fans will remember Dan and Zach’s choreography to N’SYNC’s Bye Bye Bye, even if we lost to Maxx and Cody’s moves in regards to The Backstreet Boy’s Backstreet’s Back (They totally cheated, a fan pulling Maxx around on a cart at one point).

The opportunity also came with a photo op and a meet and greet, which all of the VIP fans took advantage of, chatting with their favorite members of either band.

By the time the show was ready to start and everyone had been let into the building, The Ready Set opened up. By the end of the first song, you could tell that the group knew how to work a crowd and they were better than when I last saw them, playing both new and older songs to keep the fans off their feet and moving along.

Tonight Alive came onstage next, opening with one of their new singles from their recently released album, Limitless. The excitement only amped up higher as the night went on and Jenna rallied the crowd to put their phones away for a few songs that she suggested would be better heard “in the moment,” rather than preserved forever.

Playing older songs like Lonely Girl and Complexes as well as newer ones including a few of their singles and one popular track from The Amazing Spiderman 2, Tonight Alive’s set was definitely one that showed new fans what’s to love about the band and reminded old one’s why they’d loved the band’s music.

Despite the cold outside, by the time Set It Off took the stage, the temperature inside the venue had risen to expected concert levels.

Fans were all pressed to the stage, jumping along with the music blaring as Set It Off kicked straight into a fan favorite (though I’ll leave you to guess which one).

Cody, Zach, and Dan were all very interactive with fans, getting up into cameras as they played and sang along, Maxx occasionally bringing his phone out and taking pictures during moments when he wasn’t needed on drums.

Cody, as with every show, was a ball of energy, always moving. There were multiple times throughout the night when he reached out into the crowd, letting the fans hold him up as he crowd surfed, even, at one point, having them hold onto his feet and legs so he could stand for a verse before “trustfalling” head first back into the crowd.

As usual, the interaction between the band members of both Set It Off and Tonight Alive was something to remember and I always will, even waiting outside the venue after the show for a half hour to greet Cody, taking a picture with him and thanking him for yet another wonderful performance.

If you get a chance, definitely go out and catch this tour as it’s guaranteed to be a great night.


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