MOS Album Review: Tonight Alive’s new album “Limitless”

UnknownAs of right now, Limitless was officially released worldwide less than two hours ago and I can already tell that I’ll be replaying it for quite a while. With great, catchy melodies, rock solid drum parts, electronic undertones and an almost industrial sounding grit to the entire thing, Tonight Alive has definitely outdone themselves yet again. Read my review of the album below!

Now before the album was released, Tonight Alive gave us a new single every month for the four months leading up to official album release and the album begins with one of these singles.

“To Be Free”, the album’s opening track, brings back traces of their previous records with plenty of drums, almost electronic undertones, and a catchy melody that sticks in your heads for hours after. This song features the line “I am limitless,” multiple times throughout and, while the album doesn’t actually have a title track, this song is obviously the closest we’re going to get, showing off their vocals and experience as well as showing the message of their album loud and clear.

“Oxygen” is the next track on the album and, while not a lullaby, definitely gives a sense of relaxation and realization. Containing softer drums and layers of what could definitely be orchestral strings and piano, the song is an theme song for anyone whose ever had someone tell them to give up. Including the lyrics “I am alive and I’m larger than life, just let me breath my oxygen,” the song calls for room to breathe and figure out what a someone really wants and see what they can accomplish without anyone else standing over them and making decisions.

“Human Interaction” comes in as the third track and was the first single released to the public. The song is definitely there for anyone whose ever felt alone or somewhat broken. The track is beautiful without being overpowering and the lyrics, while describing this plight, also contain the line “I will be better,” a solid reminder that it can only go up.

“Drive” is actually the most recent of the singles released and holds onto a lighter note, explaining this idea of dealing  what you want and what someone else expects of you and having to decide what’s actually better, if not for them, then for you, even if it means getting “away from the city light,” and doing what you want, no matter what. The song is, as it’s name would suggest, is actually great for just driving at night. It’s definitely one of the catchy songs that will get stuck in your head for hours.

“How Does It Feel?” is the last of the previously released singles on the album. It once again calls back to their older albums, bringing back larger guitar parts and solid drums, the song is a cry for rebellion, for escaping from any sort of situation where you were lied to or manipulated into anything, about getting up and getting out and, most of all, getting revenge simply by not falling for their tricks with the line, “I can’t stand you in my now. I like it better when I bite down.”

“Waves” slows down again, bringing the piano back as the song plays over this idea of being in a relationship, platonic or otherwise, where love is not freely given, coming and going as it is ‘earned’ by the other. “Don’t you ever wonder what it feels like? Underwater, feeling low until you see light,” helps to explain this idea of not knowing exactly where you stand, of being lost and confused and, “caught up in your riptide,” thrown around until the other person gets what they want.

“Everywhere” is on a different end of the spectrum, pointing out that those who really support you, are never really gone, no matter what, as long as you’re both happy. My favorite lyric from this song is, “And all I can hope is that you have found peace, while I journey on,” making it a wonderful feel good song, perfect for nights when you feel peaceful and want to drive around or you just wanna remind a friend or family member that you love them, even if you haven’t talked in a while. The solid drum beat and warm melody make it a great song to dance to if you feel so inclined (I did).

“Power Of One” is the opposite side of the same coin as “Everywhere”. The song states that you can accomplish anything on your own just as well as you can with a group, encouraging bravery and honesty with the line, “There’s pain in the truth sometimes, but I never learned to lie.” The track is about figuring out who you are and what you can do as an individual. Again it’s a great song, encouraging fans everywhere to be there own person, to make their own decisions.

“I Defy” is one of the last few tracks on the album and contains great drum parts. The track itself encourages the listener to go for whatever their dreams are, no matter what that dream may be, as is stated in the line “I don’t really care what it costs me.” The song also contains lyrics like “I won’t be denied, you can’t stop me now,” and “Wanna create my destiny.” It’s a brilliant anthem for any listener who is afraid to go after what they really want. My favorite line in the entire album is in this song, “This is my world, you are just living in it,” and I can definitely say that this song will be on my favs playlist for months to come.

“We Are” as a track goes back to using high hat and cymbals to break up and soften the drum patterns. The idea of the song is that a lot of people like to sit back and hope that maybe something will come along and just so happen to take care of their problems, to make their life infinitely better. One specific line states “If all we are is consciousness, then tell me why we’ve ignored this.” The song stresses learning from your mistakes and the mistakes from others, along with suggestions of facing your issues and using them to possibly save the world. After all, who knows what you could accomplish.

The album wraps up with the track, “The Greatest” which starts with soft guitar and piano alongside each other before drums come in. It’s definitely a quieter song, though no less loud in it’s message. The track would sound beautiful played acoustically to a crowd at possible future concerts (hopefully?). It talks about how, no matter where you may be in life or what you may be doing, there are always those places and people who make you feel weightless and talented, who, above all, make you feel loved. It’s about how no matter what anyone else says or does, those people always exist around, even if it takes you a lifetime to find them.

The Australian band has always spoken words to encourage their fans to break past any boundaries they or anyone else have set before them, to dream big and go for it and to, most of all, not let themselves be locked in by anything anyone else expects of them. This album follows that same idea and is just as much of a reminder to keep true to yourself as any of the others.

In the words of Jenna herself the first time I met her at a concert in Ohio, “I refuse to live in fear of someone else’s judgement,” and it goes without saying, as she once asked a crowd to chant those words back to her, that she doesn’t believe anyone else should either and that ideology hasn’t changed since the start of the band and, hopefully, never will.

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