MOS Show Review and Gallery: The Sumerian Ten Year Tour


Review by Jordan Nielson

The Sumerian Ten Year Tour made its 3rd stop in Indianapolis at the Emerson Theatre, and all the bands still brought all the energy from stop number one. If you were thinking about going and debating it, I highly recommend going to the nearest stop and catch one amazing show. You can read my review of the show and see Meredith‘s photo gallery below.

Bad Omens opened the night up. This is the first tour for Bad Omens and they were ready. Still fairly new, not a whole lot of people really knew Bad Omens, but the ones who did were loud and proud when they started the set. Their big hit “Glasshouses” brought the energy and got the crowd going for a bit.

Erra followed right after Bad Omens and the feel of the room completely changed. Erra came out with the classic song “Alpha Seed” and had the room bouncing. After their second song “Rebirth,” Erra went on and played both of their new singles off their upcoming album Drift. Both songs got a huge reaction from the fans and continued to bring the energy to the pit. Erra closed their set with “Hybrid Earth” and everyone couldn’t have been happier to end on such a high note song.

After the Burial took the next slot and opened up their set with “Lost in the Static.” Immediately the crowd reacted and came out full force. The biggest highlight for their entire set was “Berzerker.” For the entire duration of of this classic their wasn’t a single soul that wasn’t off their feet moving around. After the Burial showed the potential of the crowd at full force.

Veil of Maya came out heavy with a string of songs from Matriarch. They easily kept the crowd strong and didn’t stop until after they played “Mikasa.” After a quick breath of air they went on to play a few older songs including “Unbreakable,” “Punisher,” and the VOM Classic “It’s Not Safe to Swim Today.” The energy from the fans never died and they never stopped going nuts.

Born of Osiris came on and started of the set with “The Sleeping and the Dead.” And at the start the venue went off and was loving it. After a string of songs from almost every album came the song we had all been waiting for since we saw that Born was playing. “Bow Down.” If you have every been to a BoO show you already know that this is the one song everybody completely destroys during. And this time was no different. As soon as those fatal words “fucking bow down” were screamed there was complete chaos in the pit and all around the venue. The energy and intensity was there all night until the final song “Recreate” was played.

If you still have a chance I definitely recommend going to one of the dates on this tour. So much energy from the bands from start to finish, with no holding back. I promise this is a show you will get sore at and will be pissed at your self if you miss it.


Tour Dates:

Mar 02 The Orpheum Tampa, FL
Mar 04 Korova San Antonio, TX
Mar 05 Walters Downtown Houston, TX
Mar 06 Dirty Dog Bar Austin, TX
Mar 07 Tricky Falls El Paso, TX
Mar 08 Nile Theatre Mesa, AZ
Mar 09 The Roxy Theater Los Angeles, CA
Mar 10 Ace of Spades Sacramento, CA
Mar 12 SOMA San Diego, CA
Mar 13 Glasshouse Pomona, CA
Mar 15 Sunshine Theater Albuquerque, NM
Mar 16 The Summit Music Hall Denver, CO
Mar 17 Granada Theater Lawrence, KS
Mar 18 Fubar Saint Louis, MO

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