MOS Show Review and Gallery: Forgetting Charlie, Axiom, and more

Axiom 2_27_16-19Trevor Skarie, one of our contributors, is from Shakopee, Minnesota and this past weekend he photographed a local show at The Enigma featuring Forgetting Charlie, Axiom, DysFunctional Holiday, and Hallucitania. You can read his review of the show and take a look at the pictures he took below!

This past Saturday I spent my night photographing some Minnesota local bands and hanging out with my buddies in Forgetting Charlie while they played at Enigma in Shakopee. This is my second time shooting them and I can already tell you that they’re improving quite a bit. They are in the process of recording their first record and had a chance to play some of their new songs Saturday. Crazy performance and a great set every time I see them.

I also got to see Axiom play for the first time. Nothing but great energy on stage, they absolutely killed it. I recommend you check them out. One fifth of Hallucitania was there at the show, so their frontman, Griffin, played an acoustic set. I personally felt like it was one of my favorite sets they’ve played to date. Griffin is quite comedic behind the mic.

Lastly there was DysFunctional Holiday, they looked to have a great time on stage, constantly sharing smiles with each other as their vocalist, DJ, totally rocked out throughout their set. They played some fun covers including Blink 182’s “All The Small Things,” Green Day’s “Brain Stew,” and Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” Your typical punk/grunge set of covers. All in all it was a great night. Big shout out to all the bands that played.

Hallucitania 2_27_16-5 Forgetting Charlie 2_27_16-20 Forgetting Charlie 2_27_16-01 DysFunctional Holiday 2_27_16-24 Axiom 2_27_16-56

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