MOS Interview: Sebastien Lefebvre & Patrick Langlois, “Man of the Hour” Hosts

unspecifiedMan of the Hour is an hour long podcast hosted by Simple Plan guitarist Sebastien Lefebvre and music journalist and TV host Patrick Langlois. The show has been around for ten years now (crazy!!) and it features tons of new music, all while Sebastien and Patrick throw in a ton of personality and quality entertainment. It’s no surprise that each episode rakes in a whopping 200k listeners. MOTH airs on Wednesdays at 8pm on idobi Radio. You can tune in to the show and find out why the fans love it so much here! We recently had the pleasure of talking with the hosts about their musical backgrounds, how MOTH started, and how they’ve managed to stay at the top of internet radio. You can read Ellen’s interview with them below!

We know that you’ve both been involved with music for a long time now. Can you tell us a bit about each of your backgrounds in the industry?
Sebastien: I’ve been playing in a band called Simple Plan since 1999. Patrick and I started hosting the Man of the Hour show back in 2006. We honestly never thought we’d still be doing it today!

Patrick: Out of college, I started working for a record label in Montreal called Aquarius Records. Our claim to fame, at the time, was Sum 41 who was blowing up at the time. I learnt the ropes of the music industry and ended up using my newly acquired knowledge to help out my friends who had an awesome band. That band ended up being Simple Plan and I went on tour with them from day 1, starting Role Model clothing with them, handling all their merchandising business as well as all their video and photo content. I’m now a TV host in Montreal, but still friends with the boys.

Who came up with the idea of starting up an internet radio show and how did it actually come to be?
Sebastien: We owe it to Tom Cheney at idobi. Patrick and I were touring together at the time and the band had taken a short break between albums. We thought we were just gonna do one episode where we played songs we liked and leave it at that, but people actually tuned in to listen so we kept at it. We just finished season 19!

Patrick: “One episode”?! That’s a lie. We knew that we would still be dominating the airwaves 10 years later, in fact it was part of our initial manifesto. This was something that honestly started for fun, and to have something to do during the off days in the early SP era. Can’t believe how far we’ve come!

What made you decide to call the podcast “Man of the Hour”?
Patrick: We were on tour with Bowling for Soup in Europe and for some unexplainable reason, I started using the line “there he is, man of the hour” as soon as anyone would walk in the room. It was funny, cause it started to pick up and everyone would say it when someone would walk in the room. This was just about the time that we ended up starting this radio show so it seemed like the perfect name for the show!

After 18 seasons of your show, how do you keep yourselves relevant and keep people interested?
Sebastien: We always try to find new bands and great music to play on our show, but I feel that the chemistry Patrick and I have is what makes it stick. We are friends and we used the show as an excuse to get together and catch up. Sometimes we are funny, sometimes we get started on random conversations… This show is very spontaneous.

Patrick: Interesting conversations, great music that Sebastien meticulously curates, and a sense of family I think is what makes this work: we are super open about a lot of stuff and we’ve been in a conversation for over ten years with our listeners. They feel that they know us because you know what, they do!

What do you think the fans love most about the show?
Sebastien: They actually get to keep up with us. It’s almost like Reality Radio.

Patrick: It’s kind of like reality radio where our listeners have a chance to keep up with our lives. See what I did there?

What are each of your personal favourite parts about hosting a weekly podcast?
Sebastien: Hanging out with Pat. It’s a mandatory get together.

Patrick: I like the opportunity to discover new music and to push ourselves into new conversation subjects. I like that our format allows us to have NO boundaries. We can have a funny silly show as much as we can discuss serious matters. It keeps it always fresh and always on our toes.

How do you pick the music that gets played on the show?
Sebastien: We look for new bands that have good music, bands that we love, classics, or anything worth the time, and worth talking about.

Patrick: Seb is being modest here. I used to be a host for MusiquePlus so we’d both come up with great music to play… But for a while now Seb has been our “musical director” and he’s been amazing at never playing anything twice and finding amazing up and coming bands.

Now that you’ve been doing this for 10 years, what has been one of the most memorable moments of this journey?
Sebastien: The fact that it’s been 10 years and that we are still doing it! We broke the all time listeners numbers on idobi at one of our finales. I would say that’s a pretty memorable moment.

Patrick: I’m a huge fan of Joey Cape, the lead singer for Lagwagon. In our early seasons we decided to hit up some PR people to get interviews during the show. We had a great talk with Joey on air, and I think it’s one of the things that gave me the confidence to pursue a hosting career.

What’s it like being a part of the idobi Radio Network?
Sebastien: We are part of a great brand. idobi has made many bands visible and has brought them into the pop punk scene just by adding them to their playlist. It’s a pretty influential station and people look to it to hear what’s new.

Patrick: I think it’s great that all of the idobi employees and hosts look up to us as leaders of the tribe and I feel like they all realize we’re the ones holding the compass in this musical journey. Wink wink nudge nudge.

How do you guys make it work when Sebastien is away on tour for months at a time?
Sebastien: We can take short breaks here and there, or sometimes we pre-record episodes. But always make sure to get together when I get back in Montreal.

Patrick: Also, we’ve built a computer software kind of like Siri where I can talk and ask questions and it answers in a Sebastien-like voice, wether or not he’s actually physically there.

Patrick, we know that you used to work and tour with Simple Plan. Can you tell us one of your favourite memories from that time period?
Patrick: August 12th, 2005: Playboy Mansion. Enough said.

Lastly, what are each of your top 5 songs/albums you’ve been listening to lately?
Sebastien: The new Simple Plan of course, CHVRCHES, Tonight Alive, State Champs, PVRIS.

Patrick: My list is going to be eclectic:
Twenty One Pilots: Blurry Face
Kanye West: The Life of Pablo
Coldplay: A Head Full of Dreams
Foo Fighters: Saint Cecilia EP
Off With Their Heads: Home

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