Viola Beach tragically killed in Stockholm car accident

viola beach boysUp and coming Warrington, UK shoegaze pop band Viola Beach were in Sweden Saturday for a music festival and while driving with their manager, the car accidentally ran through a gap in a raised bridge that lets boats through. The car plummeted 82 feet into the water below and all four members of the band and their manager didn’t make it. But I don’t wanna focus on the accident details. I want to focus on the five young men who’s lives were cut way too short.

Kris Leonard, River Reeves, Tomas Lowe, Jack Dakin, and their manager Craig Terry were part of a band on the rise. Viola Beach was an integral part of their hometown of Warrington. Three of the four members had previously worked at The Lounge, a bar in Warrington where the boys used to play sometimes. And a hometown gig that was set for a couple months from now was already sold out. The band had also been opening for Blossoms, and had been on BBC Introducing, a music program for bands on the verge of something great. If you listen to their music though, you know they weren’t on the verge, they were already there.

Tributes to the band are all over their Twitter and Facebook this morning, and it’s clear that they left more of an impact than they could’ve ever known. Life is fleeting, and I wish that they’d had more time. Spin their music today, dance and sing along, and remember them for what they loved to do. Rest easy boys, we all love you.


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