MOS Top Ten: Amanda’s Top Ten Breakup Songs.

top tenJust in time for Valentine’s Day- here it is you guys, the top ten I’ve been waiting to write. Considering I just experienced a terrible breakup, this seemed like a very fitting topic for me to cover. I think we’ve all been to that breaking point, where we just know it’s over. Whether or not it was a clean break or a difficult one, music is our best healer. So fasten your seat belts, grab the tissues and let’s take this adventure together (because honestly, none of us want to experience a breakup alone). Top Ten List can be found below, just click keep reading and I’ll be your ten-song therapist.

Order is from less helpful, to the most helpful. Hope you guys get something good out of this.

10) Love Yourself – Justin Bieber

Because let’s be honest, JBiebs has been on fireeee lately. Also, this song pertains a lot to me. The guy I was with was really negative and brought me down a lot. My mom really didn’t like him, and he actually hated my friends. So this song is perfect for me. It also makes you feel really good and like you can get through this because they’re miserable and you’re not.

9) Heartless – The Fray, Or Kanye West

Either version works just as well, but personally The Fray’s version comforts me way more than Kanye. But ya know, sometimes you just have to listen to some rap and handle your shit.

8) If You Don’t Know – 5 Seconds Of Summer.

Say what you will about 5sos but they’ve gotten me through a lot of terrible times, especially breakups. This song is perfect if you breakup consisted of the other person not knowing what they wanted, when you clearly did.

7) Sweetheart, What Have You Done To Us – Keaton Henson

This one you should only listen to if you’re emotionally ready to handle it, because the tears will fly out of your face. Just trust me on this one. Whether the breakup was mutual, or just straight chaos this one is going to hit you right in the feels.

6) Heads or Tails, Real Or Not – Emarosa

We all need some more hardcore stuff to get us through, even though Emarosa isn’t anything close to hardcore, it’s still grungy enough. The lyrics on this one are just something I cling to so heavily and I think it really helps put emotions into perspective. If you are angry, and having a tough time getting closure, or you feel like you’re being treated less than you deserve this one is for you.

5) Letdown – This Providence

You guys already knew this one would be on here didn’t you? This one is a glorious fuck you ballad. Basically, if you wanna feel invincible like the person who just tore your heart into a million pieces ain’t shit. Oh yeah, this one would be perfect for you. It will have you screaming the chorus in a very therapeutic way, obviously.

4) When I Get Home You’re So Dead – Mayday Parade.

Pop-punk is always a go to when you’re sad and heartbroken. This is one of the songs that got me through my very first breakup, ya know the cliche one where he cheated on me with my best friend. Yeah, that happened. This song got me through it though! Hopefully, your circumstances aren’t as harsh.

3) Puke – Eminem

We all need one of those fuck you songs that you can scream at the top of your lungs in the car. This one can seriously get you through anything. Backstabbing best friend? Shitty Boyfriend? Just mad in general? This is your song. But warning, if vulgarity is an issue with you I would stay away from this one.

2) These Backs Are Made For Stabbing – Hit The Lights

This is also another one you can scream at the top of your lungs, and basically yell fuck you to whoever broke your heart. This is one of my favorites because it brings back that middle school angst, ya know the kind where you just felt heartbreak for the first time. But in saying that, it’s also one of those tracks that can be effective no matter what age you are. Try listening to this song without bobbing your head, or dancing in some manner. I dare you. “Anymore gutless, you’d be dead” ugh that line just speaks to me. Hit the lights will always be one of my favorite bands, which is why it’s #2 on the list!

Drumroll please….

1)You Oughta Know – Alanis Morissette

You didn’t think I would make a breakup song list without Alanis would you? She is the queen of self-expression especially in relation to the male population. If any song in the entire world helped me get over my breakup, this one did the most. Probably because I can relate to her situation so much, but that’s beside the point. Alanis is badass and even if you’re not a female, you can still rock out to this masterpiece of emotion. Her voice is just the perfect mixture of grunge and fuck you! Just screaming the chorus in your car, while going 70 on the highway is enough therapy to get over any stupid person who tore your heart into pieces!

Well I hope you guys liked my list, and don’t forget to load up on extra candy when it goes on sale tomorrow- you know I will be. Just remember, breakups aren’t the end of the world and anyone can get through it, especially with some kickass music to heal those wounds. Stay rad everyone, and seriously- these songs will help.

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