Hozier releases video for “Cherry Wine” to draw awareness to domestic violence

Photo by Meredith Szturm

Photo by Meredith Szturm

Much of Hozier’s music is beautiful with a dark side, and “Cherry Wine,” a track from his self-titled Island Records 2014 LP is no exception. Hozier is already known for drawing attention to important social issues, like violence against the LGBT community in his “Take Me To Church” video. At first listen, you may not realize it, but “Cherry Wine” was written from the point of view of someone that is struggling with being in an abusive relationship. For Valentine’s day, Hozier has released a video to go with the track, starring Saoirse Ronan and Moe Dunford. This is an issue that’s close to my heart, and this video really takes the song to another level. All proceeds from the single are going to international domestic abuse charity organizations.

Watch the video for “Cherry Wine” below, and pick up the single on iTunes.

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