Major League announce that their next tour will be their last

Photo by Thomas Falcone

Photo by Thomas Falcone.

The only time I’ve ever had the opportunity to see Major League live was last summer when I did photos at Vans Warped Tour for a publication I was working for, and now it seems bittersweet. The intensity and passion that the entire band had was unbelievable. You could feel it in some of the shots I got. I can’t say enough positive things about this band and that’s why it bums me out to report that they’ve decided to disband after their upcoming spring tour with Forever Came Calling. You can read the band’s statement, as well as a separate statement from vocalist Brian Joyce below.

Major League’s last release was There’s Nothing Wrong With Me on No Sleep Records.

Band statement:

“Friends and loved ones. We’ll be heading out one final time this March with our best friends in Forever Came Calling. One of our first tours we ever did, FCC brought us out along side Handguns, Broadside and Giants at Large.

It has been such an honor and privilege to be able to accomplish and do the things we’ve been able to do in the past 5 years. No amount of thank you could ever be enough. We want to end this exactly how we started.

This isn’t a “break up”. There was no falling out. The bond we share with one another no one will ever understand. We will forever be best friends first, band mates second.

Stay tuned for a few final announcements in the near future and thank you, thank you, thank you for such an amazing time. You’ve truly made our dreams come true.

To every band, friend, booking agent and promoter, we can not begin to show you our gratitude for believing in our band and giving us the opportunity to live this life. 5 years, 26 countries, 48 states and 29 tours later, this is where it ends. WPNA.

LOVE ALWAYS, Major League.”

Brian Joyce’s statement:

“One final note: if you even have a sliver of passion deep in your gut to do ANYTHING in life, go for it. Whether it’s in music or not. I mean anything in life. If there is any ounce of indecision in your mind about your current situation, whether it be relationship, job, friendship, location – take a fucking chance. You never know where life will take you. Im saying this as a former college dropout who had never been too much further than the tri-state area other than a few trips.

There’s a whole world out there. You may not master it all, but it’s a hell of a time exploring it.

-Brian & ML”


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