Get Stoked premiere new album “Stepping Off The Porch”, announce tour

777South East, Michigan pop punks Get Stoked started streaming their entire new album as of today, premiering it over on Spill Magazine and you can listen to it below. Get Stoked are pop punk with an edge, and drummer Jacob Cardona says, “This new album is big for us because it details the biggest changes that have happened over our lives including an ending engagement, changing friendships, and love. We tried to focus on playing something different each time.

You’re definitely gonna be stoked about Get Stoked (haha…ha…), and you can see them on tour soon with Midwest Skies and MariaHill on the Shredder vs. SplinTour! Dates are below the album stream.

Pick up Stepping Off The Porch (Imminence Records) here!

shredder vs. splintour

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