MOS Album Review: Can’t Swim- “Death Deserves A Name”

Cant-Swim-Death-Deserves-A-Name-cover.pngCan’t Swim is a four-piece rock band from Keansburg, New Jersey. They were founded in the spring of 2015 by lead vocalist, Krier Loporto. The band was signed in late 2015 to Pure Noise Records. Their first EP Death Deserves A Name will be released on Pure Noise Records on February 26th, 2016.

Review by JoHanna Eagle

I’ll be honest, when I first listened to the EP, I was nervous because this isn’t exactly the type of music I find myself turning on on my own; but the more I’ve listened to it, the more I have fallen in love with it. The band was going for a blend of alternative rock, pop-punk, and indie rock; and let me tell you, they nailed it. From the drums, to the bass, to the vocals, this EP is definitely one I can see myself listening to for a long time coming.

The opening track, and first single released by the band, is “Your Clothes“. The song features some great bass, played by Greg, throughout the track, giving the base behind every verse. The chorus starts with soft vocals and an even softer guitar with drums coming in hard in the middle, making a great pair with Loporto’s harsher vocals. The song ends with strong vocals almost shouting at you, “I can’t fix you, I can’t fix me, I can’t. I don’t need it, I don’t need this, you do. I can’t lose you, I don’t want this. Take it away from me” which is probably the part that stood out most to me. The lyrics are so raw and emotional and the music played along at this point is heavy and just hits hard.

The next two songs on the EP are ones that have not yet been released, so I really don’t want to give too much away. Just know that “Way It Was starts out very angsty and it just gets better from there. This song is so catchy and I found myself singing it in my head while at work today. “Right Choice” comes next and I think I may have found my favorite. I absolutely love how Loporto’s voice is so clear over the music. I’m such a sucker for breakup songs and this one is no exception. I love every minute of it. This song is the one where the pop-punk aspect really shines through. It’s sad but not slow and I love that.

Come Home” is next and this is kind of actually really dark. I didn’t really notice the what the song was talking about until I actually looked up the lyrics. The drums (played by Danny) really stand out to me on this track and that’s honestly probably why I didn’t pay much attention to the lyrics at first; I like to focus on one element of the song at a time and those drums just keep jumping out at me. With that being said, the lyric that really stood out most to me is actually one that seems like it’s almost hidden, played in the background of the chorus yelling “I’m not fine, I’m not what I say I am” and “I’ve lost hope, I’ve lost hope in everything”. The song is heavy from start to finish and will really make you feel something.

The EP comes to a close with the title track, “Death Deserves A Name”. While this song is not gentle by any means, it is with out a doubt the softest one on the EP. Its moments of light vocals are equally matched with the heavier vocals. The song is lighter than the rest and it is still full of amazing drums and guitar that go along with the angst of the lyrics.

This EP is one that I’m extremely excited about the realease of. I started out a skeptic, but was quickly swayed by Krier Loporto’s voice. I found myself honestly jumping around and dancing while listening to this EP because it’s just got that sort of vibe to me. It was hard to sit still while listening and writing this; I constantly had a leg bouncing if I wasn’t up and bouncing around the room myself. I’m super excited to see where Can’t Swim ends up, because they truly have talent.

Death Deserves a Name will be out on February 26, 2016 and you can pre-order it here

Can’t Swim will be joining Four Year Strong on their Spring tour! Check out the dates below

03.16- Port City Music Hall- Portland, ME

03.17- The Met- Pawtucket, RI

03.18- Revolution- Long Island, NY

03.19- Dingbatz- Clifton, NJ

03.20- Higher Ground- Burlington, VT

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