One Man Boycott drop video for “Sick of It All”

one man boycottWe’ve already mentioned that UK pop-punkers One Man Boycott will release their debut album Counting the Seconds in March, but now you can get another taste of what’s gonna be on the record. Today, the band released a video for their single “Sick of It All.” Vocalist Joe Brewer explained the meaning behind the lyrics:

“They are referring to mine and many others past experiences trying to get into the music industry growing up. People calling you shit or casual daily death threats and horrendous spiteful rumours, all due to the way you look or the music you play, like that’s normal…scary thing is how easy it is to listen to those kind of people, those haters. This song is me personally venting, the chance to mentally stand up and say, “You know what? Fuck you, I’m sick of it.” I sincerely hope that people know where I’m coming from with these words and it helps them in any way to stand up and be proud.”

Check out the video below, and pick up Counting the Seconds on March 25th through Super Sick Records.

Counting the Seconds Tracklisting:

1. Sunshine Pizza Friends
2. If Only You’d Stay
3. Fingers Crossed
4. Monument To A Normal Guy
5. Liar
6. Short Like Summer
7. Sick Of It All
8. Stockholm Swing
9. If I Survive
10. As You Wish

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