Real Friends announce “The $5 Tour”

431046_506597532728598_992506406_nToday, Real Friends announced that they’ll be heading out on a super unique tour in March that they’re calling “The $5 Tour.” Unfortunately, all of the dates but one have sold out now, but you can count yourself lucky if you’re going because tickets were only $5.00, and each venue only holds around 150 people, so it’s looking like it’ll be a really intimate tour. The band posted this on their Facebook today:

We are stoked to announce “The $5 Tour.” We will be playing small places that aren’t traditional settings for shows. Some of the venues are skateparks, retail stores, restaurants, record stores, and even batting cages. All ticket prices will be $5. We owe everything to you. It’s time to give back with not only a unique show experience, but an affordable ticket price as well. This will be fun for everyone involved. Being in a band is about having fun and there should be no rules. This will really highlight that. Tickets are VERY limited. Most of the shows have less than 150 total tickets available.

Pretty cool of them. Check out the dates below. Who knows? Maybe someone will sell you their ticket.


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