MOS Album Review: “Death of the Sun” by No Tide

no tideNo Tide is an indie punk band from Lincoln, Nebraska and they’ve just released a new album called Death of the Sun. The band has released two other projects on Take This To Heart Records, but this is their first full-length. Read Meredith’s review of the album below!

Death Of The Sun is out now on 12”/CD/Digital through Take This To Heart Records, and you can stream it under the review and pick it up here.

The first time I heard No Tide was when their music video for “Inverter” caught my attention, so admittedly I’m a new fan. But I am so glad I stumbled upon the video because  without it I wouldn’t have listened to Death of the Sun, and this LP is exactly what I need right now. It’s full of raw emotion and fast and loud music, something you can just drown in when you need a getaway.

The record starts with “Empty Handed,” a track that sets the tone with bright guitars and thought-provoking lyrics like “Self destruction is what it is, dig yourself down deeper to hide your fears.” The next track, “Heckler,” gets right into the heavy stuff, with the contrast between vocalist Will Conner’s yelling and Paul Knapp’s guitar creating a truly punk sound that’ll make you want to punch dance around your living room. And when the song breaks down into instrumentals towards the end, it reminds me of those good, heavy Wilco/Silversun Pickups songs that just paralyze you with the music. The lyrics on the track are powerful too: “We constantly go through things we don’t want to just to stay alive,” and “I wish I saw colors other than grey.”

And then there’s “Inverted,” the track that originally drew me in. The pace of the drums really transforms the song and makes it something unique and the emotion in the vocals is heartbreaking. The chorus is slower than the verses, and so powerful it makes your heart ache a little bit. This song reminds me of the nineties for some reason. It has that nostalgic vibe.

“Sunday Morning” is one of the most brutally honest tracks on the record, holding nothing back. It talks about someone who lives life like their actions have no consequences, but they’ll get what they deserve (in the form of a car crash). Car crash karma I suppose. The most powerful line to me was, “And when you lose control, I hope you question if you ever had a soul.” Ouch. The vocals on this one are also a lot more angry, with a different tone than they carry throughout the rest of the album.

“Calling Cards” and “Night Cap” keep things moving with catchy drums, and the vocals in “Calling Cards” are relentless in the best way with heartbreak guitars to match. I was starting to feel the type of nostalgia I feel when I hear nineties radio rock that used to play in the roller rink when I was younger. And I love that!

The dreamy, heavy guitar with reverb on “Through the Cracks” is a nice follow-up to the live-drum-solo-worthy part at the beginning of the song, and the harmonies and repetition of the phrase, “Don’t leave me alone,” are really affective in stirring emotion.

The pretty instrumental part at the end of the pop(but more)punk “Delusions of Grandeur,” shows a different side to the band than we see on the rest of the record, proving that No Tide can keep us guessing and they might have more tricks up their sleeves on future projects.

And then there’s the part in “Daylight Savings” where there are two different sets of lyrics being sung over each other, and the sweet sentiment that “Life’s too short to stay inside the lines.”

The band finishes with “Powers That Be,” and “Blood Oath.” “Powers That Be,” originally amazed me because the speed that the band is playing at (especially the rhythm section, with Sean Murphy on the drums and Roeby Hauf on the bass) is insane. I would love to see this track played live. Everyone would be going insane. And then “Blood Oath” slows things back down, really showcasing the vocal talent Conner has. This song almost reminded me of The Academy Is… in some parts, and the best, most hard hitting lyrics in the song are “Makin’ and breakin’ and makin’ and breaking’ your promises…mean what you say or your trust goes to waste.”

No Tide has created something special, punk with a different flavor, something that will span fans of many different genres and affect each listener in a different way. Check it out below and see what you think, and if you like it make sure to pick it up, share it with your friends, and play the shit out of it.


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